Art After School

5 years old (K3) and up

Children will have fun creating a huge variety of art pieces across a diverse curriculum. They will be taking inspiration from the teacher as well as a multitude of famous artists.

Number of Students Maximum: 10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time 120 min
Language English
Teacher Experience instructor for children's art classes
Materials All materials provided
Things to bring Comfortable clothes, water bottle, smock*
* For internal students: a smock will be provided by the school
For external students: please bring a smock from home or you may purchase one from the school.
Lesson contents Learning a variety of art skills ranging from painting, drawing, modelling and collaging. Each month will be based around a number of artists who specialise in a certain field of art.

The children will learn how to use many different materials that they will use to create unique art pieces each week. For our Parents’ observation in February, the children will be creating a large scale piece using a skill of their choice. They will also be speaking about their inspiration for their art and how they made it.
Fees Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Material Fee ¥1,000/month
Tuition ¥20,000/month Regular course students
¥16,000/month Full-day course students
Location Musashi-Shinjo

 Art After School

Art is one of many ways to express yourself in the modern world. Children love to express their likes, dislikes, their feelings and many things in between. We will be using the Art Afterschool to give the children the opportunity to use a variety of materials to create their own masterpieces.

 Activity Examples

Class 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
Upper Kinergarten
and Elementary
  • Introduce 1st artist
  • Discuss the skills that the artist made famous
  • Create simple piece based on artist's work
  • Review previous week's artist
  • Make an art piece of our own creation using highlighted skills
  • Introduce 2nd artist - how does it link to the theme?
  • Observe and compare the artwork of both artists
  • Recreate a simple piece based on artist's work
  • Review previous week's artist
  • Make an art piece of our own creation using highlighted skills


Time Activity Details
(5 min)
Introduction & review Review and discuss previous work
(15 min)
Art History and
Learn about artist and their skills
(10 min)
Introduce Skill Teacher shows skill to be taught
(15 min)
Materials and Ideas
Mind Map
Talk about materials we are going to use and discuss ideas about the art we are going to create
(55 min)
Creating Art Begin process of making art (reflection time will also be included here)
(20 min)
Tidy up and
Show and Tell
Children talk about their art piece with the group

 Lesson Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
K3 and elementary

 Art Class Gallery


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30