Dance After School

4 years old and up

Children will have fun using their whole body to interact with music.
Expand your child’s musical possibilities through this class!

Number of Students Maximum: 10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time 45 min
Language English
Teacher Experienced instructor for childrens’ hip-hop dance classes
Materials All materials provided
Things to bring Comfortable clothes and water bottle
Lesson contents Learn to dance just like your favourite idol! Have fun exercising! Your child can become a great dancer!

In these dance after school lessons, students learn to dance in the hip-hop style with popular upbeat music.

Children love to move their bodies and they can learn to express themselves using their whole body. They can also learn cool/cute dance steps and other movements by dancing to music! Students will also improve their posture and the core of the body - then, strike a pose!

Dancing helps children to express and communicate their ideas - this promotes self-esteem and independent thinking. It also enhances skills of observation and concentration which will help students in all of their school subjects. Through dancing students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills.
Fees Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Factilities Fee ¥550/month
Tuition ¥10,000/month Regular course students
¥8,000/month Full-day course students
Location Aoyama

 Dance After School

This course targets students who do not have experienced with dance before. The course is consists of simple sections and students perform through all sections after practice each section.

 Activity Examples

Class 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Posing
  • Introduction of basic choreography that will be used to the music piece including turn and steps
  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Posing
  • Review of choreography from previous week
  • Expansion and improve dance choreography including jumping
  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Posing
  • Review of choreography from previous week
  • Expansion and improve dance choreography including Robotic steps
  • Add students’ own ideas and creativity to the routines
  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Posing
  • Rehearsal / Recital of the whole dance piece


Time Activity Details
(5 min)
Warm up Stretching and improving their posture and the core of the body
(5 min)
Demonstration Teacher will demonstrate the dance choreography for students
(15 min)
Introduction and Practice Learn and practice the dance moves
(5 min)
Freestyle Dancing Students and teachers express themselves and enjoy unchoreographed dance
(10 min)
Practice and Performance Continue learning the steps followed by practice performance
(5 min)
Closing Stretching and resting your body

 Lesson Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30