Music Technology
and Composition

Through the medium of technology, students can learn music theory and music appreciation.

Number of Students Maximum: 8 students
Lesson time -Kindergarten class: 50 min
-Primary class: 60 min
Language English
Teacher Qualified, native English speaker
Materials iPads, Apps, instruments, speakers
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents -Basics of songwriting (structure, melodies, notes etc)
-Create and write basic songs using apps (ex. Medly)
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Music Material Fee ¥550/month
Rental Device Fee ¥550/month
Tuition ¥10,000/month Regular course students
¥8,000/month Full-day course students
Location Shirokanedai, Den-en-chofu, Musashi-Shinjo and Musashi-Kosugi

 What is Music Technology and Composition After School?

Music Technology and Composition is first and foremost a music composition class where children can learn music theory and music appreciation through the medium of technology.

The students will use music creation apps and software to create their own songs and compositions.

They will learn about different instruments and the importance of layering them to make pieces of music, as well as learning how to mix a composition into a professional sounding piece that they can share with the world.

 Project Plans

Compositions to match moods

Writing a pop song

Exploring styles

In this unit, we will be creating music that matches moods and feelings such as being happy, sad, excited etc.
This will teach the students about how music can make us feel and will show us how to write different types of compositions.
In this unit, the students will learn about song structure, writing melodies, harmonies and many other aspects that go into making their very own piece of pop music. In this unit, we will look at many different styles of music. The students will choose a style that they like, and try to create a piece of music that matches their chosen genre.

How to work on the projects

A single project will be covered over one month, or 4 lessons.
This gives the students time to make their track longer, add effects, polish any parts that they aren't happy with and share their project with friends, family and anyone else who wants to listen.

(1)Style and tempo

First of all we have to think about things like the style and tempo of the music that we want to create.

(2)Drums and a beat

We can add some drums and a beat to our composition. This is the basis of our song and what we can build and layer upon using different instruments to create an interesting piece of music.

(3)Bass and lead melody

We would add some bass to the piece followed by a lead melody.


When we have created several parts of the track and are happy with our song we can start mixing the instruments together by changing their volume, equalization and effects to create a professional sounding piece of music to share and listen to.





:00-:25 (25 min) Tutorial Instruction from the teacher about today's tasks.
:25-:50 / 1:00 (25 / 35 min) Create Let's make your own piece of music♪







● 14:10-15:00
K2 (Darwin) &
K3 (Einstein)

● 14:10-15:00
K1 (Da Vinci)
● 14:15-15:05
● 14:10-15:00

● 16:00-17:00


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30