Children will have fun using their whole body to interact with music.
Expand your child’s musical possibilities through this class!

Number of Students Maximum: 8~10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time Kindergarten: 55 min
Preschool: 45 min
Language English
Teacher Qualified Teacher
Materials Keyboards, musical instruments
Things to bring Indoor shoes and water bottle
Activities Acquire sense of rhythm, pitch, and expression naturally.
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Music Material Fee ¥1,100/month
Rental Device Fee Regular course students ¥10,000/month
Full-day course students ¥8,000/month
Location Shirokanedai,Den-en-chofu, Musashi-Shinjo

 What is Rhythmic?

Rhythmic (French: Rythmique) is a well-known technique of musical education invented by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950). Rhythmic helps to stimulate the development of sociability, creativity and expression in children. This not only enhances their basic musical abilities but also affects them physically, emotionally and intellectually by allowing them to get in touch with their musical nature.

"It is an education through and for music, rather than an education about music"
(Émile Jaques-Dalcroze)

 Activity Examples

Activities Details
Sing a Hello song and Greeting song Warm up your voice by singing songs with friends
Move your body by walking, running, slow walking, and skipping along to music Recognize tempo by moving your body along with the music at different speeds
Dance to new piano themes every month Develop rhythm by learning to enjoy moving your own body
Play with musical instruments and note cards Practice improvisation by reacting to rhythms and sounds
*Seasonal events revolving around Halloween and Christmas are planned.

 Lesson Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
K2 (Darwin) &
K3 (Einstein)



K1 (Da Vinci)


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30