STEM Academy
3D Printing & Design

Primary (All grades)

Students will learn to be the engineers of tomorrow as they design 3D objects and solve real-world problems. Students will also learn STEM skills, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, such as critical thinking, research, and how to visualize their ideas. The best part is, they will get to watch their ideas print and then take them home. Using TinkerCAD, 3D Slash, and our selection of 3D printers (including the Zortax M200 and M200+, and the Prusa i3 MK3) students can bring their ideas to life.

Number of Students 10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time 60 minutes
Language English
Materials 3D Printer, work material, and rental laptop
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents 3D design and Prototype Construction
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Material Fee ¥14,000/year
Rental Device ¥500/month
Tuition ¥10,000/month
Lesson schedule
and location
Every Thursday 16:00-17:00 @ Shirokanedai

 What is 3D Printing?

3D printing enables us to create real-world examples of our ideas. It is especially useful for prototyping and testing product design ideas.
By learning to design virtual objects within a 3D space, students can improve their spacial awareness and logical thinking. Using the printed projects in tandem with other elements (such as simple electronics), students can understand multi-step processes in more detail.

Finally, by creating solutions to problems by creating something, the student's problem solving skills can also be improved.

 Project Examples

LED Rockets Functioning light box Keyholder
A standing space rocket with a flickering LED in the base to mimic the thrusters A multi-part print which will include a small circuit to make a table light. A custom keyholder with the student's name and a design of their choice.
How to work on the projects

(1) Brainstorming

- consider what is important to help us create the desired solution.

(2) Planning

- carefully choose what shapes/blocks are needed, and how best to arrange them on the printer.

(3) Render/Print

- constructing the print carefully with any additional supports if needed.

(4) Assembly

- take the printed pieces and build them together with any additional pieces (LED, battery, etc).

(5) Feedback

- discuss the final product with everyone, and come up with alternatives to improve the overall design.


Time Activities 3D Design
Prototype Construction
(5 min)
Review/Introduction Review what was done in the previous lesson and focus on today's schedule. Review what was done in the previous lesson and focus on today's schedule.
(25 mins)
Create / Prepare Start designing and assembling the shapes/blocks in the CAD software. Prepare the components needed to assemble the finished product.
(15 mins)
Render / Assemble Prepare the structure for printing with any supports/raft/brim if needed. Install all components in the printed model.
(10 mins)
Optimise / Troubleshoot Tweak the layout of the components for optimum printing and minimal waste. Check for any problems and clean up the finished model.
(5 mins)
Pack-up Shut down the computers and prepare our belongings to go home. Clean up our work areas and prepare our belongings to go home.


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30