STEM Academy
Future Innovators

Elementary (Grades 2–6)

This course provides a more in-depth look at programming and robotics, and includes preparation for WRO Japan. WRO is a well-known educational robot competition where students are able to improve their critical thinking, imagination, and team-working skills by designing and programming robots with their fellow team members.
We also cover an introduction to computer science using micro:bit and programming mini drones.

※This class is an advanced class with LEGO®️ WeDo 2.0. To attend this class, students need to have attended the Block Programming After School, or have experience with using Lego WeDo 2.0.

Number of Students Maximum: 10 students
Lesson time 90 minutes
Language English (*Japanese during the WRO competition)
Materials LEGO®️ WeDo 2.0, micro:bit, CoDrone Lite
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents Create robots for WRO 2020, start exploring computer science, program drones
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥18,000/year
Material Fee ¥4,000 / year
Rental Device ¥1,000/month
Tuition ¥25,000/month
WRO Entry Fee *subject to change after event details have been published
Lesson schedule
and location
Every Thursday 16:00-17:30 / Primary

 Shaping the brains of tomorrow

Take your programming skills to a new level! A natural next step after our Block Programming course, "Future Innovators" will explore programming in more detail to provide new challenges and prepare students for the digital world of tomorrow!

"Innovators make the previously impossible possible."
(Max McKeown, 2019)

 Project Outline

WRO micro:bit Drones
We will study the rules of the tournament and work together in our teams to create robots, including any components that we feel are necessary. Following an introduction to computer science, we will develop a clearer understanding of how variables, conditionals, and algorithms can be used. We will expand on our knowledge of programming to create custom commands for automated drones, and finish off the year with a coordinated light show.
Course outline
(1) - Learn about Scratch programming.

(2) - Develop essential team-working and communication skills.

(3) - Learn how computers work in a fun and practical way.

(4) - Use exciting new technology and use your imagination to bring programming to life.

(5) - Explore computer science with course materials from Microsoft®️

(6) - Display your work at a national event!


Time Activities Details
(5 min)
Introduction Review and team discussion.
(15 mins)
Tutorial Introduction to new building and/or programming skills that can help with the given tasks.
(20 mins)
Practice Build small practice pieces to test out our new building and/or programming skills.
(5 mins)
Feedback Discuss which of these new skills are most suitable for our designs, and plan how to include them in our projects.
(10 mins)
Break Drink and bathroom break.
(20 mins)
Create Based on the feedback session, let’s start adding new features to our robots and/or improving parts we’ve already added.
(15 mins)
Test Try using our robots to see if our changes have been successful. If not, let’s figure out how to make them better.
(5 mins)
Pack-up Gather our things, clean up, and get ready to go home.


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30