STEM Academy

Primary (All grades)

At Laurus, we pride ourselves on making Science fun and accessible for all age groups. These classes give students a chance to master many different techniques and concepts across the different scientific disciplines, so that they can see the world through new eyes.

Number of Students 10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time 90 minutes
Language English
Materials Science Equipment, Print-outs
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents Experiments and observing physical phenomena
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Material Fee ¥12,000/year
Rental Device Fee ¥500/month
Tuition ¥18,000/month
Lesson schedule
and location
Every Wednesday 16:00-17:30 / Shirokanedai

 What is Science After School?

In our Science classes, students will do experiments in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Students will test materials, take measurements and set up apparatus. For example, in Biology, we will be using microscopes and dissecting internal organs of small animals. In Chemistry, we will create batteries and examine the properties of different metals. In Physics, we will cover thermal dynamics, magnetism and energy.
With greater understanding of scientific principles based on various fun experiments, students will be able to solve problems and innovate new solutions.

 Project Examples

Observe convection Dissect a fish The composition of light
Observe convection using thermosensitive slime

Dissect a fish to investigate internal organs

Investigate the composition of light using diffraction gratings

How to work on the projects
We will cover a range of topics but each lesson will be broken down into:

(1) Asking a question: set your research question through observing an object or event

(2) Making a hypothesis: form possible explanations to answer your question

(3) Conducting an experiment: predict the results, test your hypothesis and collect data

(4) Analyzing the data: reflect on the results

(5) Showing your results: show and explain your findings





(5 min)
Review / Introduction Review the previous class and check homework
(10 min)
Discussion Students talk about what they already know on the day’s subject
(60 min)
Experiment Students set up an investigation and make observations
(15 min)
Presentation Students talk about their results and whether they were surprised by their results


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30