FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 If my child enters during the middle of the school year, will the school offer necessary language support?

Depending on the needs each student, we offer custom ESL classes to meet the needs of the student.

Q2 Where are Laurus teachers from?

Our preschool, kindergarten and primary teachers are from all over the world, while Karate is offered in Japanese. Japanese language courses are also a part of our primary school curriculum.

Q3 What is the selection criteria for entering Laurus? Do parents need English language ability to apply?

All applicants are required to have an interview and English & Math assessment. Parents are not required to speak English


Q1 Are school bus services available?

Yes. We offer bus services that are based around each of the schools. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Q2 Are lunch services available? Are there lunches for students with allergies?

Students may purchase lunch from school or bring their own boxed lunch. Please contact us concerning school lunches for students with allergies.

Q3 Do parents have many opportunities to communicate with school staff?

Observation weeks are held in February and June. We offer parent-teacher conferences during observation week.

Q4 Are students required to participate in school events?

Yes. School events are a part of our curriculum, so students must participate.

Q5 Is it possible to change your student's program at anytime?

Yes, please contact us for more detailed information.

Q6 Where do students go when playing outside?

We go to parks and grounds near to our school.

After Graduation

Q1 How much are students expected to improve their English ability by graduation?

We aim for all students to pass the EIKEN Grade 4 Test by kindergarten graduation. We also aim for all first year primary students to pass the EIKEN pre-2 Test.

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