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STEAM Winter School 2018

Many scientists visit Antarctica from all over the world to study the climate, wildlife and geology there. They have been trying to use their collected data to solve global problems, such as climate change.

In this Winter School, let’s learn about this scientifically important  and unique region! Then, try to think of the solutions utilizing your STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) knowledge and skills!

世界中の多くの科学者が南極大陸を訪れ、そこで気候、野生生物、地質学を研究しています。彼らは、気候変動などの地球規模の問題を解決するために収集したデータを使用しようとしています。今年のSTEAM Winter Schoolでは、南極大陸という科学的に重要で独特な地域について学びましょう! そしてSTEAM(科学、技術、工学、芸術、数学)の知識とスキルを活用して課題に対するソリューションを考えてみましょう。


※Activities are subject to change.  



We will learn words related to Antarctica. Let’s read and write sentences using the new words we have learned. Do you know what kinds of scientists and explorers there are in Antarctica? Let’s read and listen to stories about this amazing place and write about what we have learned!


【STEAM Activity / STEAMアクティビティ】

What is Antarctica like? Let’s learn about Antarctica by watching the Aurora on a big screen and in VR.
Program micro:bit to make a device to measure weather conditions.



【Science Activity / サイエンスアクティビティ】

Observe microbes using a microscope.
Make blubber gloves to protect yourself from the cold weather.




Primary school students (Age: 6 – 12 years old) 小学生

*Date of Birth: From April 2, 2006 to April 1, 2012


☆School Bus:¥500 / one-way

☆Entrance Fee 入会金: ¥5,400  *First time non-member only 初回参加の外部生のみ

☆All inclusive: Lunch, Snack, Material and Insurance. ランチ、スナック、教材、保険料込み

<For Extended care students>  After 15:00, We will give snacks to extend care students.


If you request to extend the time, please inform us by noon of the day. Please also understand that we can not accept the request if you inform us later than noon of the day.


-Please put your child’s name on all their belongings.

-Drink (water bottle), spoon, fork and/or chopsticks, indoor shoes, cap, hand towel and plastic bags for dirty clothes.

<For food-allergic students > We will not be able to serve non-allergic lunch. Please bring your own lunch. We can’t accept the student who need the Epinephrine auto-injector.

<For non-members> A copy of Insurance card & free medical care certificates and a photo of your child (Please upload by our application form.) We can’t accept the student who didn’t submit a copy of Insurance card, free medical care certificates and a photo in advance.






The school bus takes the regular school routes and we don’t have any drop-off bus service after the full-day course.

The deadline to apply for bus service is Monday, December 10. Please contact us to get more detailed information.  

<Important notice>

-For elementary students younger than grade 3.

<Pick up bus service> The school bus will arrive at school at 8:30. Students will attend classes as extended childcare students from 8:30-10:00.

-Extension fee is 800 yen/30 minute (Until 18:00)








Please burden bank transfer at your expense. 

-For Laurus students: The bank transfer for the fee will be made on Thursday, December 27th.

-For non-members: Please complete payment by Monday, December 17th.



-在校生の方: 1月の授業料と併せて12/27(木)に引き落としさせていただきます。

-外部生の方: 【締切日12/17(月)まで】にお振込みください。


*Please insert “School initial name + WS” before your name when you make the bank transfer.


*It isn‘t possible to make changes after the closing date.


· A reservation is required for class observations and school tours. Please contact our school ‘s receptionists in advance to arrange these visits.

· During our STEAM Winter School, you can not change the pick-up / drop-off  time and way (pick-up / drop-off by you or our school bus).
· As administering medication to our students is defined as a “medical practice” under Japanese law, teachers and school staff are not able to give medicine to our students. Therefore, in principle, we are supposed not to keep any kinds of medicine at the school.
· If you are an overseas resident, please ensure your children are covered by overseas travel insurance. If your child / children do not have overseas travel insurance and your child / children are sick or injured during our STEAM Winter Camp, you will be responsible for your child / children’s medical expenses.


・STEAM Winter School期間中、お迎え時間とお迎え方法(保護者によるお迎えかスクールバス)の変更はできません。

・児童への投薬は法律の定める「医療行為」になる為、講師やスタッフはお子様への 投薬を行うことが出来ません。 従って、原則としてスクールでは薬をお預かりしないことになっております。

・海外から参加される方は、海外旅行保険にご加入ください。(任意)もし海外旅行保険にご加入せず、当校のSTEAM Summer Schoolに参加中に病気やケガなどをされた場合の医療費は自己負担になります。



Q.1 What level of English is required to participate in the program ?

A.1 All lessons are conducted in English. At least beginner level of English ability is required, although a Japanese assistant will support in beginner level class.


Q.2 How do you divide into different classes ?

A.2 Students will be divided into different classes based on their English level and years of experience in the application form you have submitted. Homeroom teachers reserve the right to change the student’s class based on their actual performance during the lesson. Please reassure that any changes made is considered best for the student’s learning.


Q.3 What kind of classes do you offer?
A.3 We have STEM, Science, English lessons based on weekly-themed program. 


Q.4 Can I observe the school/class?

A.4 Yes, you can. However, you will have to inform the school beforehand. Please contact the primary reception (03-5422-6569, primary@laurus-school.com) and make a reservation. Observation request on the day itself is not allowed.


Q.5 Do you have school bus service?

A.5 Yes. School bus fee is ¥2,500yen/week for one-way and ¥5,000/week for round-trip. Single-day bus service is not available.


Q.6 Can I use the school bus service if my child is full-day course(~18:00)?

Q.6  School bus service only operates until 15:45. Thus, there is no bus service for full-day course. All the full-day students need to be picked up by their parents or guardians.  

Q.7 Can I pick up and drop off my child by car?
A.7 There is no parking lot available in the school building. Parents or guardians are advised to park their vehicles in a nearby paid parking space near the school. Due to the traffic law, making a shortstop in front of the school will cause inconvenience to other vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.


Q.8 When is the deadline for the payment?
A.8 We will send you information about the payment after application has been submitted. Payment will only be made through bank transfer. After the payment has been completed, we will send you a confirmation on the acceptance of your application. Cash payment is not accepted.

Q.9 When do I pay the charges for extending?
A.9 We will send you an invoice at a later date.

Q.10 Can I use extended care for just a day?
A.10 Extended care is only offered in a week. The school does not provide one-day extended care service.


Q.11 What is the difference between Regular Course and Full-day Course?

A.11 In addition to Regular Course, Full-day course students will be provided before or after-school activities such as watching theme based educational video, doing handicraft work or games, homework, etc.,.


Q.1 子供は英語が全く、もしくはほとんど話せませんが、スクールの参加はできますか?

A.1 授業はすべて英語で行われます。日本人サポートが付くクラス(初級レベルクラス)はございますが、簡単な単語や会話の理解ができるレベルでのご参加をお勧めいたします。


Q.2 クラス分けはどのように行われますか?

A.2 応募時に申請された英語のレベルと年齢によってクラスの仮決めをした後、参加一日目に教師が最適なクラスを最終決定いたします。教師が判断するため、クラスのご希望に添えない場合もございますことをご了承下さいませ。


Q.3 どのような授業ですか?
A.3 週ごとに決まったテーマに沿って、STEM、サイエンス、英語の授業を行います。


Q.4 事前見学は可能ですか?

A.4 見学は可能ですが、事前予約制となっております。見学可能日時については、初等部受付にご連絡して頂き、ご予約して頂きますようお願い申し上げます。(初等部受付:03-5422-6569, primary@laurus-school.com


Q.5 バスの送り迎えはありますか?

A.5 バスの送迎がございます。片道利用¥2,500/週、往復利用¥5,000/週を頂いております。尚、スクールバスのご利用は参加される5日間は固定となりますので、ご了承くださいませ。(単日でのご利用は承っておりません。)


Q.6 フルデーコース(~18:00)で帰りのバスは利用できますか?
A.6 フルデーコースの帰りの時間に対応できるバスはございません。保護者様がお迎えにお越し頂きますよう、お願い致します。


Q.7 車で送り迎えは可能ですか?
A.7 お車での送迎は可能ですが、当校の学校前に駐車または一時駐車は、ご遠慮頂いております。近くのコインパーキングに駐車をして頂き、お子様を学校まで送迎して頂きますよう、お願い致します。


Q.8 支払いはいつすれば良いですか?
A.8 応募が完了いたしましたら、学校より合計金額等のお知らせメールが届きますので、ご指定の金額を銀行振込でお支払い下さいませ。振込が確認できた時点で、参加受付が完了いたします。尚、現金でのお支払いは承っておりませんので、予めご了承下さいませ。


Q.9 延長料金は先払いですか?後払いですか?
A.9 延長料金は実際の延長時間をもとに後日請求となります。担当者より請求金額のお知らせが後日届きますので、ご確認をお願い致します。


Q.10 1日だけ延長を希望していますが、対応してもらえますか?
A.10 恐れ入りますが、単日での延長はお受けしておりませんので、予めご了承下さいませ。


Q.11 レギュラーコースとフルデーコースの違いは何ですか?
A.11 フルデーコースは、レギュラーコース(10:00~15:00)に加え、教育関連のビデオ鑑賞や工作やゲーム、宿題などを行う学童保育となります。