Primary school
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As the only international science school in Japan, we put great importance on science and the scientific process. We encourage students to use logic and empower them with the skills to carry out their own experiments and investigations. The curriculum covers all the fundamental disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and STEM.


Students use online resources in ICT, Information and Communication Technology, to hone their keyboarding skills. They learn to navigate a computer through the use of Google applications.  It is important that these classroom activities are linked to real-world concepts so that students can transfer their proficiency to higher grades and beyond.


Students alternate between months of programming and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics, activities. In our programming class, for example, we use applications such as Scratch Jr. to teach block coding. This form of coding is a way to enable students to harness technology to create real solutions. Other STEM activities focus on engaging in project based learning to research and engineer solutions to a real-world problems and to connect to other subject areas being explored at the time. We now have Z Space 3D consuls in our classes.


We use the Cambridge Primary International Curriculum outcomes and blend them with a multitude of practical and interactive activities. We teach the children the processes behind the mathematical skills and not just the skills themselves. Students with advanced mathematical abilities are provided challenges suitable to their level and opportunities to proceed even further.


Japanese as a mother tongue:  We follow the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Through language activities, children develop the skill of their mother tongue as the foundation of communication.

Eiken-Test Preparation

We recommend taking the Step –Test to check the students’ progress in English study.
We offer preparation classes before the examination.
In fact, one of the first year students in our school passed the pre-level 2 grade.


Our physical education program is a movement based approach to physical development designed to take the child through their full range of physical movement. The focus is on learning and developing the principles of body movement including balance, body awareness, coordination and body alignment.


We take in Karate classes appreciating Japanese culture and tradition, and also hoping to make the students both physically and mentally healthy and strong.