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【Early Summer School】Jiyugaoka, Musashi-Kosugi, Musashi-Shinjo Schools Only 17 June – 6 September



Science, math, social studies and music are all taught in English in our lessons. All homeroom teachers are native English speakers and there are hands-on crafts and experiments, so why not ioin in the academic and fun lessons?

*As the summer holiday period runs from Monday 12 August to Friday 16 August, applications received during this period will be contacted from Monday 19 August onwards.
The Jiyugaoka school accepts preschool students (1.5-3 years old). Musashi-Kosugi and Musashi-Shinjo schools accept Preschool to Kindergarten students (1.5-4 years old).

●Application Form

The Jiyugaoka school accepts preschool students (1.5-3 years old).

Musashi-Kosugi school accept Preschool to Kindergarten students (1.5-4 years old).

Musashi-Shinjo school accept Preschool to Kindergarten students (1.5-4 years old).



*Payment must be completed within two weeks of application. *If you are an external student, please submit one copy of your insurance and medical certificates and a photo showing your child’s face via the application form.

●This course is designed for

Preschool:1.5-3 years old at Jiyugaoka & Musashi-Kosugi

Kindergarten:4-5 years old at Musashi-Kosugi & Musashi-Shinjo



Please download the List of foods to avoid from here and apply. The form will be get the school reception after you applied.


●Monthly theme

Week 1: 6/17 ~ 6/21 + 6/22 Sat

Week 2: 6/24 ~ 6/26, 6/28 (*6/27 no lesson) +6/29 Sat

Week 3: 7/1 ~ 7/5 + 7/6 Sat

Week 4: 7/8 ~ 7/12 + 7/13 Sat

Week 5: 7/15 ~ 7/19 + 7/20 Sat

Summer Camp: 7/22 ~ 7/26

Week 6: 7/29 ~ 8/2 + 8/3 Sat

Week 7: 8/5 ~ 8/9 + 8/10 Sat

Summer Vacation: 8/12 ~ 8/18

Week 8: 8/19 ~ 8/23 + 8/24 Sat

Week 9: 8/26 ~ 8/30 + 8/31 Sat

Week 10: 9/2 ~ 9/6 + 9/7 Sat


●Summer Camp daily schedule



Our preschool classes offer a dynamic learning environment where children explore science through hands-on experiments and activities, engage in early math, practical life skills, and creative arts. With a play-based and child-centered approach, we prioritize the individual interests and developmental needs of each child.

Music and dancing are integral parts of our daily routine, providing opportunities for expression, movement, and rhythm. 

We strive to create a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.


Preschool プリスクール


Arrival and Learning Centers


Our day starts with a warm welcome as students arrive. During this time, they unpack their belongings and settle into the classroom environment. This is also the perfect opportunity for them to engage in our learning centers.




Music and Movement


It’s time to get those bodies moving! Our Music and Movement session is a lively and engaging way for children to express themselves through dance, song, and creative movement. 




Circle Time 


Students and teachers sit together in a welcoming circle to practice daily English, such as numbers, colors and days of the week. We sing engaging phonics action songs and chants and talk about our exciting day ahead. 




Snack & 

Story Time


We take a break for enjoying our snacks together, and continuing our toilet training journey. We then gather together for a cozy storybooks time.  



Morning Lesson:
Language Arts and Crafts


Here, we focus on language arts, with our monthly  phonics and vocabulary themes. We incorporate arts and crafts activities and Laurus preschool workbooks to practice fine motor skills and creativity.




Discovery Time 



It’s time for some outdoor fun or indoor exploration! We will take the preschoolers to a local park or have fun with learning centers indoors and have opportunities for imaginative play, exploration, and discovery.




Lunch Time


Our preschoolers gather around to enjoy a nutritious meal together. Lunchtime is also a chance to socialize and learning table manners.




Afternoon Activity: Science, Math, or Life skills


Our curriculum includes a blend of Science, Early Math, and Life Skills. The students get to enjoy lots of fun science experiments, math hands-on activities and learn independent life skills.




5 hours course students go home 5時間コースの方はここまで


Extended care ここからは延長保育です


Nap Time


After a long day, our preschool students take a nap.



Snack Time


When the students wake up, the students can enjoy eating snacks together. Another opportunity for them to socialize and learn table manners.




Learning centers and Music and Movement


We continue to explore with our learning centers and have fun with hands-on science activities. We make engaging seasonal crafts and enjoy music and movement!




Good bye

What a fun day we had! See you next time!  今日も一日楽しかったね !


Divided into three grades, students learn English in a natural native way. Our kindergarten curriculum is based around science and literacy, encouraging experimentation and inquiry based learning. We provide both karate and physical education classes, taught by specialist teaching staff, for physical and mental development.



Kindergarten キンダーガーテン


Free Play Time 簡単なエクササイズやパズル、積み木などで頭と体をリフレッシュ



We say the Laurus pledge in a big voice. We also all move our bodies as best we can and awaken our brains. Children obtain daily conversation such as weather, days of the week, names and variety of vocabulary. クラスの皆でローラスの誓いを大きな声で謳います。また皆で精一杯に体を動かし、脳を覚醒させます。How are you?から始まり、天候、曜日、名前など日常の基本的な会話をマスターします。



 (English etc.)



Phonics provides the cornerstone from which our students learn to read and write. Emphasis is also placed on speaking with a considered syllabus that includes real-world situations such as role-play and show and tell.   

Phonicsは、生徒が読み書きするための基礎をつくります。Speakingにも重点が置かれていて、Role-playやShow and Tellなども実践しています。


Park Time or P.E.



Students go to the park and explore the natural environment around them. Once a week we also have a P.E. class and a Karate class with our specialist teachers!




 (Math etc.)


Students are encouraged to build awareness and readiness for mathematical concepts with hands-on activities to do and real-world problems to solve. 



Lunch Time



(Science etc)


Epitomizing the Laurus school ethos, science classes challenge students via stimulating thematic units which encourage children to hypothesize, experiment and inquire!



Closing Circle


The day is brought to a close as children review the day’s taught content. This is also an opportunity for a shared reading time and a goodbye song!



5 hours course students go home 5時間コースの方はここまで


Extended care ここからは延長保育です


Study Time



Children learn History and the Social Studies. Let’s learn more and more about our world!



Activity Time


A fun time after school for studying and playing with friends.



Snack Time


The time for snack children love.



Activity Time


Until goodbye time, children enjoy using blocks, playing with balls and reading books.



Good bye

What a fun day we had! See you next time! 今日も一日楽しかったね !




5 hours 57,000 yen/week

Full day 75,000 yen/week


*The following rates apply for weeks when there are only 4 days of lessons.

The school will be closed on 27 June and 15 July will be 4 days of lessons.


5 hours 45,000 yen/week

Full day 60,000 yen/week


Musashi-Kosugi School offers a choice of 6 days of lessons.

5 hours 69,000 yen/week

Full day 90,000 yen/week



The deadline for payment of tuition fees is one week before the first day of participation. Please register and pay by the deadline.



①5 hours course   9:00 am – 2:00 pm

②Full Day course   8:30 am – 6:00 pm

*There is an extra charge of 2,000 yen per half an hour for pick up after 18:00, so please be there before your time.


●Things to bring

・Please put your child’s name in English on all their belongings.

・Drink (water bottle), spoon, folk and/or chopsticks,  indoor shoes, extra clothes, a hand towel, plastic bags for dirty clothes.

⚠️For non-members:A copy of Insurance card & free medical care certificates and a photo of your child (Please upload by our application form).

⚠️Under 3 years old:An apron for lunch, 6 diapers and baby wipes

⚠️Full Day students:2 bath towels / blankets(Only children who need a nap), 2 diapers as extra, snack

●For Food-allergic students

・Please make sure to bring your own lunch as allergy-friendly lunches are not available during seasonal events.

・We cannot accept students who need an Epinephrine auto-injector, have had anaphylactic shock more than twice or have had febrile seizures more than 3 times.


Pay at a convenience store or via internet banking.
More details are from here. My payment guide

Seven eleven, Family mart, Ministop, Seicomart, Lawson and Multimedia Kiosks

●School bus

-The school bus takes the regular school route and we don’t have any drop-off bus service after the full-day course.
-<For non-member> For safety reasons, School bus service is not possible for Preschool students.
Please come to the bus stop 5 minutes before the designated time. Due to time constraints, the bus can not wait for the students who are late.
In the event that the school bus is over 10 minutes late, we will inform you by phone or email.
No drop off service offered for the Full Day Course.

School / スクールBus name / バス名称
Musashikosugi / 武蔵小杉Musashikosugi School Bus / 武蔵小杉校バス
Musashishinjo / 武蔵新城Musashi-shinjo School Bus / 武蔵新城校バス


●Cancellation policy

*A cancellation / Changing fee of 1,000 yen will be charged.

*It isn’t possible to make changes after the closing date.

*Please be advised, we are unable to provide refunds after your application has been submitted.


· A reservation is required for class observations and school tours. Please contact our school’s receptionists in advance to arrange these visits.
· If you are unable to pick up your child at 6pm, there will be an extra charge of 2,000 yen per half hour.
· As administering medication to our students is defined as a “medical practice” under Japanese law, teachers and school staff are not able to give medicine to our students. Therefore, in principle, we are supposed not to keep any kinds of medicine at the school.
· If you are an overseas resident, please ensure your children are covered by overseas travel insurance. If your child / children do not have overseas travel insurance and your child / children are sick or injured during our STEAM Seasonal Camp, you will be responsible for your child / children’s medical expenses.

·Please refrain from coming to school if your child has a fever over 37.5°, rash, cough or bad diarrhea.  In the case of fever or head bruising, please wait at least 24 hours after the symptoms have subsided before attending school.

·In order to avoid adverse reactions happening at school, please do not bring your child to school if you have a vaccination appointment scheduled before the school day begins.

●Countermeasures against Contagious Diseases

This is our measure to prevent infection. Thank you for your understanding.

・The temperature of all children will be taken daily.

・Students will wash hands carefully after playing and before eating.

・All staff will wear disposable gloves when serving meals.

・Tables, chairs and toys will be disinfected frequently.

・Door knobs, railings, walls, and switches will be disinfected frequently.

・Toilet and diaper mats will be disinfected frequently.

・Air purifiers will be used throughout the schools.

・Chairs and handrails in the school bus will be disinfected frequently.

・When the school bus is in operation, windows beside the driver’s seat and staff seating will be open to provide ventilation.


For Parents and caregivers:

*Please cooperate with the temperature measurement at home.

*Please refrain from going to school if your child or family members has a fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher, or if you have severe cold symptoms such as a cough. Please wait 24 hours after the fever has passed and ensure that other symptoms have disappeared before returning to school.

*If your child’s physical condition changes at school, we will contact you immediately, so please be available to pick up your child in a timely manner.


Requests related to coronavirus infection:

*Please do not participate until you have been infected with the new coronavirus and at least 5 days after the onset of illness.

Please note: Due to the above reasons, we will not accept refunds for cancellation on the day.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.