STEAM Summer Camp 2018


Imagine you are a doctor, a teacher, a musician, a designer or even an astronaut… the possibilities are endless! In our themed Summer Camp we will explore the world of work through role-plays, crafts, games and communicative activities. Perhaps our students have wondered what adults do while they are in class learning with their friends? Let’s find out and imagine what it would be like to do that too!

With a focus on jobs of the future and the possibilities that science and technology offer our students, we can all be inspired to be innovators and problem solvers. Our children will learn about the exciting world of work in our fun, hands-on Summer Camp program!


*Students may participate from 1 day to all 5 days! 

-Extended care is available for school bus users only during Summer Camp.

Please put your child’s name on all their belongings.

Drink (water bottle), spoon, fork and/or chopsticks, room shoes, extra clothes, a hand towel, plastic bags for dirty clothes.

<For food-allergic students > Please bring your own lunch and snack.

(2 snack times for preschool full-day, 1 snack time for preschool 5 hours and kindergarteners)

From this summer, we can’t accept the student who need the Epinephrine auto-injector because our school policy is changed.  

<For non-members>

A copy of Insurance card & free medical care certificates and a photo of your child (Please upload by our application form.)

<Under 3 years old> An apron for lunch, 6 diapers and baby wipes

<Full day students> 2 bath towels / blankets, 2 diapers as extra and snack


-The school bus takes the regular school routes and we don’t have any drop-off bus service after the full-day course.

-The deadline to apply for bus service is Monday, July 16. Please contact us to get more detailed information.  

-<For non-member> For safety reasons, School bus service is not possible for Preschool students.


 ●For Shirokanedai students 

Students who use the bus service from 15:30 will be classes as extended childcare students from 14:00-15:30.The extension fee of 1,950 yen is required.


●Shirokanedai Pink Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Shirokanedai Yellow Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Shirokanedai Green Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Aoyama Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Takanawa Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Den-en-chofu Bus_Schedule and Bus stop

●Musashikosugi_Schedule and Bus stop

●Musashi-shinjo(To Musashikosugi)_Schedule and Bus stop

●Musashi-shinjo(Mizonoguchi-Denenchofu)_Schedule and Bus stop

-For Laurus students: Please complete apply by Monday, July 23. The bank transfer for the fee will be made on Friday, July 27.

-For non-members: Please complete apply and payment by Monday, July 23.


*It isn’t possible to make changes after the closing date.

*Please burden bank transfer at your expense. 


*Please insert “School Initial name” before your child’s name when you make the bank transfer.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.