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NASA trained astronaut visited Laurus Primary School!!

On October 30th, the school was lucky enough to be visited by NASA trained astronaut Christopher Altman and entrepreneur and Co-Founder of FutureHack Dr. Joseph Jeong. Dr Altman gave a very informative talk to parents and an equally entertaining and informative talk to primary school. The students asked a lot of questions that they had always wanted to know about space and the role of an astronaut. Both Dr Altman and Dr Jeong excited the students about the potential for future inclusion in space programs as well as encouraging them to follow their dreams. Overall, the students really had a very positive experience and had a chance to get their photo taken with the astronauts as well as get their autographs. We hope that Dr Altman and Dr Jeong can join us again in the future!
If you are interested in them, please check their Facebook page below.


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