STEAM Winter Program 2019 for Junior high students 【NEW】


DNA provides the building blocks of life. If that’s the case, what would happen if we could change out those blocks? Using biological knowledge of genetics, let’s explore how to engineer new life with different characteristics.  Better yet, let’s also produce film evidence of our bioengineering! We’ll develop presentation, filming, and computer skills to share our BioEngineering exploration digitally!

DNAは生命を構築する1つです。 もし、その1つを変えてしまうとどうなるでしょうか? クラスでは遺伝子の知識を使いながら、異なる特性を持つ新しい生命を生み出せるかを考えていきます。さらにその遺伝子工学の過程を動画で撮影することで、プレゼンテーション、動画撮影、そしてコンピュータースキルを学び、生命工学をデジタルに学びましょう!


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✔5-hour course / 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


*Students can only sign up for the full five days.



Junior high school students grade 1 – 3 (born between April, 2nd 2004~April, 1st 2007)





-Drink (water bottle), chopsticks or cutlery, indoor shoes and hand towel.

<For students with food allergies> We will not be able to serve a non-allergy lunch. Please bring your own lunch.

A copy of the child’s insurance card & medical care certificates, if applicable, as well as a photo of the student. (Please upload these via our application form.)







-For non-members: Please complete payment by Monday, Dec 16.

-外部生の方: 【締切日12/16(月)まで】にお振込みください。

*It is not possible to make changes after payment.

*Please include any bank transfer fees in the transfer amount. 




*Please insert “WP” before your name when you make the bank transfer.




*It is not possible to make changes after payment.

*Please include any bank transfer fees in the transfer amount. 




· A reservation is required for class observations and school tours. Please contact our school’s receptionists in advance to arrange these visits.
· As administering medication to our students is defined as a “medical practice” under Japanese law, teachers and school staff are not able to give medicine to our students. Therefore, in principle, we can not keep any kinds of personal medicine at the school.
· If you are an overseas resident, please ensure your children are covered by overseas travel insurance. If your child/children do not have overseas travel insurance and your child/children are sick or injured during our STEAM Summer School, you will be responsible for your child/children’s medical expenses.



・児童への投薬は法律の定める「医療行為」になる為、講師やスタッフはお子様への 投薬を行うことが出来ません。 従って、原則としてスクールでは薬をお預かりしないことになっております。

・海外から参加される方は、海外旅行保険にご加入ください。(任意)もし海外旅行保険にご加入せず、当校のSTEAM Winter School参加中に病気やケガなどをされた場合の医療費は自己負担になります。


Shirokanedai Primary school   TEL : 03-6722-6310

白金台初等部 TEL : 03-6722-6310


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.