【Musashi-Kosugi & Musashi-Shinjo】Enrollment Now

Admission Briefing


If you are interested in enrolling, or would like to take a school tour and have an explanation, please apply using the form below.

*Due to corona virus measures, school tours and trial lessons are given for a limited number of people.


●Preschool & Kindergarten

【Musahi-Shinjo school】

【Musashi-Kosugi school】

The Musashi-kosugi and Musashi-shinjo schools are eligible for subsidies and discounts from Kawasaki city. In addition to the usual free early childhood education and childcare benefits, Kawasaki city also provides its own subsidies for childcare fees, multi-child exemptions, and the facility’s own sibling discounts.

If you are interested, please inquire at our school reception.


●After School

If you are interesting in the After school, please apply here!


【Musahi-Shinjo school】

【Musashi-Kosugi school】



Musashi-Shinjo school 044-322-0182

Musahi-Kosugi 044-455-4014



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.