STEAM Winter School 2020


Welcome to the Microscopic Universe of Cells, Microbes, and yes…even Viruses! 


At Laurus we are excited to offer you the chance to become Microkid for a week! Learn about the microscopic world that exists anywhere around us: cells, fungi, protists, bacteria, and viruses. We have more than 100 trillion bacteria in our bodies, more in fact than the 37 trillion cells that make up our own bodies! Come and learn about this fantastic world. The good, the bad, and yes, the ugly! Of course, our current lives have been impacted in many ways by the Novel Coronavirus. This is your chance to learn more about this fantastic world that surrounds us all. See you this Winter!


ローラス初等部 TEL : 03-6722-6310


FBR Mita Bldg. 4-1-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073



【Member 内部生】

【Non-Member 外部生】

14th December updated

Our Winter School 2020 is full. Thank you for your applications!






✔Regular-course / 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
✔Full day-course / 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Regular course time has been changed to last until 3:30pm.

Primary students grade 1st – 6th

小学1~6年生 (小学1年生の方は2013年4月2日~2014年4月1日生まれの方が対象です)


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Dr. Yamazaki 山﨑先生


Public Relations, Institute of Microbial Chemistry, Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation

公益財団法人 微生物化学研究会微生物化学研究所

Director of Hamao Umezawa Memorial Museum

梅澤濱夫記念館 館長


We will invite a microbial specialist to talk about the usefulness of microorganisms, such as medicines made by the action of microorganisms.

It is an opportunity for children to see real petri dishes that were safely processed with resin, along with colored slides that allow the microbes to be more easily seen.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!



-Please put your child’s name on all their belongings.

-Drink (water bottle), spoon, fork and/or chopsticks, indoor shoes, cap, hand towel and plastic bags for dirty clothes.

<For food-allergic students >

We will not be able to serve non-allergic lunch. Please bring your own lunch.

We cannot accept students who need an Epinephrine auto-injector (epi-pen).

<For non-members>

A copy of Insurance card & free medical care certificates and a photo of your child (Please upload by our application form.)










The school bus takes the regular school routes. Please choose your bus stop from the choices below. Our staff will contact you about your pick-up and drop-off time after you have applied. The application deadline for bus service is Monday, December 7th. Please contact the office for more details.

<Important notice>
・We don’t have any drop-off bus service for the full day course students.
・The school bus service is available for students up to and including Primary Grade 3.
・The school bus service is only offered on a weekly basis. The school does not provide one-day school bus service.
・Please come to the bus stop 5 minutes before the designated time. Due to time constraints, the bus can not wait for the students who are late.
・In the event that the school bus is over 10 minutes late, we will inform you by phone or email.

<Express Bus>
We have an express bus from Musashi-Shinjo → Musashi-Nakahara →Musashi-Kosugi→Denenchofu Honcho→Primary School. This express bus is faster and has more spaces between the seats than the usual school buses. For these reasons, the express bus fee is different from that of the usual school buses. Please check the fees on the next page of the application form.

<Pick up bus service>
The school bus will arrive at school at 8:30/9:30. Students will attend classes as extended childcare students from 8:30/9:30 -10:00. The extended fee is 800 yen/30 minute.

Please be noted that bus and extended childcare fee is non-refundable after the deadline. 




急行バスは、武蔵新城 → 武蔵中原 → 武蔵小杉 → 田園調布本町 → 初等部のルートを運行いたします。通常のバスよりも乗車時間が短く、座席間も少し余裕があるため料金が通常のバスと異なりますのでご注意ください。料金は次ページよりご確認ください。




-For Laurus students: The participation fee will be deducted from your bank account.

-For non-members: Please complete payment by Monday, December 14.

-在校生の方: お手続きいただきました口座より引き落としさせていただきます。

-外部生の方: 【締切日12/14(月)まで】にお振込みください。

*It isn’t possible to make changes after the closing date.

*Please burden bank transfer at your expense. 




*Please insert “WS” before your child’s name when you make the bank transfer.



Transfer name   振込名義

WS Your Child’s name  WS  お子様の名前



*It is not possible to make changes or receive a refund after the closing date.



Q1. What level of English is required to participate in the program ?

A1.  All lessons are conducted in English. At least a beginner level of English ability is required, although there may be a Japanese assistant for support in one class.


Q2. How do you divide into different classes ?

A2. We will divide the students into two~three classes based on their age and the number of students in the class. Please note that students might be moved to a different class if it is necessary. Please understand that request to move your child from one class to another based on preference may not be possible. Class rosters will be fixed by Tuesday morning and there will be no changes after that date except in rare cases.


Q3. What kind of classes do you offer?
A3. We have STEM, Science, and English lessons based on a weekly-themed program. 


Q4. Can I observe the school/class?

A4. We ask you to please understand that it may be difficult to arrange a school tour beforehand. Also, we cannot accept visits during the program period. Please contact the primary reception (03-6722-6310, for more information. 


Q.5 Do you have school bus service?

A.5 Yes. School bus fee is ¥2,500 yen/week for one-way and ¥5,000/week for round-trip. Single-day bus service is not available.


Q.6 Can I use a different bus stop depending on the day?

Q.6 We ask everyone to use the same bus stop throughout the week.  


Q.7 Can you make a new bus stop?

A.7  We’re afraid we can’t make a new bus stop.


Q.8 Can I use the school bus service if my child is in the full-day course(~18:00)?

Q.8  School bus service only operates until 15:45. Thus, there is no bus service for the full-day course. All the full-day students need to be picked up by their parents or guardians.  

Q.9 Can I pick up and drop off my child by car?
A.9 There is no parking lot available in the school building. Parents or guardians are advised to park their vehicles in a nearby paid parking space near the school. Due to the traffic law, making a shortstop in front of the school will cause inconvenience to other vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.


Q.10 When is the deadline for the payment?
A.10 We will send you information about the payment after the application has been submitted. Payment will only be made through bank transfer. After the payment has been completed, we will send you a confirmation on the acceptance of your application. Cash payment is not accepted.


Q.11 When do I pay the charges for extending?
A.11 We will send you an invoice at a later date.
However, if you apply for bus service in the morning, the extending fee will be charged together with the participation fee.
Also, please be noted this bus and extending fee are non refundable after the deadline.

Q.12 Can I use extended care for just a day?
A.12  Extended care is only offered in a week. The school does not provide one-day extended care service.


Q.13  What is the difference between Regular Course and Full-day Course?

A.13  In addition to Regular Course, Full-day course students will be

 provided before or after-school activities such as watching theme based educational video, doing handicraft work or games, homework, etc.,.


Q.14  Can I get a refund for when my child is absent?

A.14  There is no refund available.


Q.15  Do you have a microwave that my child can use?

A.15  No, we don’t have a microwave for students.


Q.16 My child forgot something at school.

A.16 Please contact the primary school office as soon as possible.  We can send your child’s belongings via payment on delivery.  We will keep your belongings for two weeks, however lost items that the owner does not offer will be disposed of at the school’s responsibility.


· A reservation is required for class observations and school tours. Please contact our school ‘s receptionists in advance to arrange these visits.
· As administering medication to our students is defined as a “medical practice” under Japanese law, teachers and school staff are not able to give medicine to our students. Therefore, in principle, we are supposed not to keep any kinds of medicine at the school.
· If you are an overseas resident, please ensure your children are covered by overseas travel insurance. If your child / children do not have overseas travel insurance and your child / children are sick or injured during our STEAM Seasonal School, you will be responsible for your child / children’s medical expenses.



・児童への投薬は法律の定める「医療行為」になる為、講師やスタッフはお子様への 投薬を行うことが出来ません。 従って、原則としてスクールでは薬をお預かりしないことになっております。

・海外から参加される方は、海外旅行保険にご加入ください。(任意)もし海外旅行保険にご加入せず、当校のSTEAM Seasonal Schoolに参加中に病気やケガなどをされた場合の医療費は自己負担になります。


ローラス初等部 TEL : 03-6722-6310

FBR Mita Bldg. 4-1-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073



【Member 内部生】

【Non-Member 外部生】


This is our measure to prevent infection. Thank you for your understanding.

・The temperature of all staff and children will be taken daily.

・All staff will wear facemasks.

・We encourage all children to wear facemasks as well.

・Students will wash hands carefully after playing and before eating.

・All staff will wear disposable gloves when serving meals.

・Tables, chairs and toys will be disinfected frequently.

・Door knobs, railings, walls, and switches will be disinfected frequently.

・Toilet will be disinfected frequently.

・Windows will be open to facilitate proper ventilation.

・Air purifiers will be used throughout the schools.

・Preventative measures will be taken to reduce contact or splash infection, such as lining up in a horizontal row.

・Chairs and handrails in the school bus will be disinfected frequently.

・When the school bus is in operation, windows beside the driver’s seat and staff seating will be open to provide ventilation.


For Parents and caregivers:

*Please cooperate with the temperature measurement at home and prepare a facemask for your child.

*Please refrain from going to school if your child has a fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher, or if you have severe cold symptoms such as a cough.

* Please wait 24 hours after the fever has passed and ensure that other symptoms have disappeared before returning to school.

*If your child’s physical condition changes at school, we will contact you immediately, so please be available to pick up your child in a timely manner.

*In order to avoid risks to parents, we recommend that you contact us by email or telephone.

*We will not allow students or parents who display signs of fever to enter the school.


For those who return from overseas and wish to participate:

*You must have returned to Japan at least 3 weeks prior to the date you wish to join Winter Camp.


Requests related to coronavirus infection:

*You must have been relieved of your symptoms at least 4 weeks prior to the date you wish to join Winter Camp.
*Please refrain from participating if you have been in close contact with a friend or family member who has been infected.


Please note: Due to the above reasons, we will not accept refunds for cancellation on the day.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.