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Kindergarten and Primary student’s test results in June & July 2021

Students took the Eiken test at Laurus International School of Science in June & July 2021.
Everyone did their best! We are proud to announce our Kindergarten and Primary student’s test results.
*Only students whose parents have given permission are listed below.
Total 1 student
Total 5 students

Primary 4 Chia Yasuda

Primary 4 M.S

Primary 4 Eidai Saito

Primary 3 T.K

Primary2 Miyuka Tsuchiya

Total 20 students

Primary4 Y.O

Primary4 Kurumi Yamaguchi

Primary3 Kaito Kubota

Primary3 K.O

Primary3 Hinata Matsuo

Primary3 I.S

Primary3 Nariya Mochizuki

Primary2 Mifumi Ben

Primary2 Yuna Uemura

Primary2 Linko Fujio

Primary2 Sho Yamamura

Primary2 Aoi Nagase

Primary2 Yuma Sato

Primary2 Emma Yoshida

Primary2 Wako Aoki

Primary2 Haruma Shigematsu

Primary1 Shuni Ou

Primary1 Ayaka Ochi


Total 25 students

Primary5 S.T

Primary5 Oji Kawata

Primary3 S.K

Primary3 A.O

Primary2 A.Y

Primary2 Haruto Yasukawa

Primary2 Eita Asano

Primary2 Mizuki Takeshima

Primary2 Halui Nishitani

Primary2 Yuma Sato

Primary2 Ema Kobayashi

Primary2 K.T

Primary2 Rita Nakamura

Primary2 H.I

Primary1 Kanato Tsuchiya

Primary1 Hinata Nakano

Primary1 Yuto Kobinata

Primary1 Milly Kobayashi

Primary1 Kosei Giovanni Komachi

Primary1 A.N.

Primary1 Rin Honda

Primary1 Toma Takahashi

Kinder3 M.T

Total 27 students

Primary6 S.Y

Primary5 Yui Nakamura

Primary4 Misora Shimura

Primary3  Byeon yejin

Primary3 Enru Baba

Primary3 K.O

Primary2 Thaveesha Rajapakshe

Primary2 Ema Kobayashi

Primary1 Yuen Yamamoto

Primary1 R.I

Primary1 Cocomi Kaihotsu

Primary1 Kurumi Eto

Primary1 Yoshihiro Sakuma

Primary1 T.T

Primary1 L.I

Primary1 Y.M

Primary1 Ayaka Onishi

Primary1 K.M

Primary1 M.Y

Kinder3 I.W

Kinder3 Eiichiro Shinbo

Kinder3 R.F

Kinder3 Yuiki Tanaka


Total 36 students

Primary5 Towa Ozawa

Primary3 Yuzuna Eguchi

Primary2 Seri Shiiki

Primary2 Jin Kawabata

Primary2 Maruko Kobayashi

Primary1 Haru Kanayama

Primary1 Riku Ishii

Primary1 Jason Cho

Primary1 Souma Otaki

Primary1 S.N

Primary1 M.Y



Kinder3 R.F

Kinder3 K.H

Kinder3 Nana Arai

Kinder3 Toranosuke Yamaguchi

Kinder3 Yuika Wada

Kinder3 Hiyori Suzuki

Kinder3 A.K

Kinder3 Haru Enomoto

Kinder3 Risa Tomioka

Kinder3 Kanade Matsumoto

Kinder3 Yuiki Tanaka

Kinder3 Koh Nakamura

Kinder3 Ituki Tabe

Kinder3 K.K

Kinder3 A.N

Kinder3 Sasuke Wakabayashi

Kinder3 Mako Kobayashi

Kinder3 Ayato Kajiwara

Kinder2 Sana Fujii



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