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Saturday International Preschool @Shirokanedai school


Dear Parents and caregivers,

We are proud to announce that Saturday International Preschool opened at Shirokanedai School in January 2022.
Please book a visit to our school and trial lesson. Please fill in three choices of preferred dates.


Shirokanedai Saturday School for preschoolers is currently running a campaign.

Submit your application within a week of your trial lesson and receive a 50% discount on admission. That is a 55,000 yen fee reduced to 27,500 yen!


<Trial lessons>9:00~10:30
*There is a trial lesson fee of 2,200 yen. Payment must be made in cash at convenience store by “My payment”.

Once you have entered your details, a member of our staff will contact you with a confirmed date and time.


<Please note>
Please use public transport or nearby coin-operated car parks.
Please refrain from taking photographs or videos at the school.


<Coronavirus countermeasures>
On the day of the event, we ask you to take the following measures to prevent coronavirus infection
*Please come only with the child and parents of the trial lesson.


❶Temperature check at home
When you arrive at school, please take your child’s temperature, spray your child’s clothes with Redoxer and disinfect your child’s hands with Hand Sanitizer.
*Please refrain from participating if you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or if you feel unwell.
❹Please wear a facemask.
❺Please refrain from eating or drinking at the school.





白金台Saturday School Preschoolでは、現在、体験より1週間以内での願書提出で入会金55,000円が半額の27,500円になるキャンペーンを実施中!




<体験レッスン> 9:00~10:30










白金台スクール:東京都港区白金台3-4-17  03-5422-7375