Cambridge Judge Business School “Youth Development Program 2022”


Cambridge Judge Business School (JBS), part of the University of Cambridge, is the oldest and most prestigious business school in the world. The Judge Business School offers a wide range of postgraduate programs, with a collection of master’s courses that rank among the top 20 in the world.

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a Youth Development Program for middle and Upper Secondary students. This program is normally only offered at their campus, but Laurus has decided to invite a teacher from Cambridge to Japan and become the first host school in Japan!

*This event is no longer accepting applications.

Cambridge Judge Business School’s Youth Development Program is an educationally rigorous program of five full days of commitment, designed to equip students with the skills to succeed in all areas of academic and professional life.

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and is the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university. 110 Nobel Laureates have been affiliated with the University, more than any other institution. Notable alumni include Lord Byron, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Alan Turing and William Wordsworth, as well as 14 British Prime Ministers.

CJBS is the business school of the University of Cambridge and is consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools. The School is located in the centre of Cambridge and is particularly strong in entrepreneurship and innovation management.

Professor Loch, who studied for his PhD at Stanford University, has recently completed a 10-year term as Director of CJBS. His research focuses on innovation processes and project management, including projects under high uncertainty, the motivation of professionals, and project supervision and governance.

In 2017 the CJBS Summer Program was launched (see video below) by Professor Loch. Many of the students who have attended this annual residential program in Cambridge have gone on to earn places at the world’s top universities.

CJBS Youth Development Program was adapted from CJBS Summer Program and first delivered in 2021.


The Program is based on the educational philosophy developed by Professor Loch:

“Personal capabilities of motivating yourself and working effectively with others are ever more important for success in a competitive professional world. Education is not only about learning content, but also about developing the personality to perform under pressure as part of a team.

The Youth Development Program helps students to develop key skills through an innovative course design with a direct connection to concepts of leadership and collaboration.”

(Below: Professor Loch with a student at the CJBS Summer Program.)


The CJBS Youth Development Program is taught in a Course of 10 three-hour Sessions; the specific content for each Course is adjusted to be challenging yet accessible.

The first seven Sessions focus on the development of key transferrable skills and in the final three Sessions students are faced with a business case study, which they tackle in teams. For the case study students are expected to employ the skills that they have learned in the earlier Sessions to work together effectively, guided by teaching staff.

The Program culminates with teams presenting their work to teaching staff and fellow students. Having completed the Program students receive their certificates, each personally signed by Professor Loch.



The inter-related skills that students focus on in the Program are Communication, Confidence, Leadership, Motivation, Strategy, Teamwork and Trust.

For the business case study students form small teams and are tasked with developing a concept for a new product, which would be commercially successful whilst also helping to achieve one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This process includes:

(1) Market research – researching the SDGs and identifying a particular objective, designing questionnaires/surveys and gaining information on preferences from the target market;

(2) Product and brand development – developing the idea for the product and creating a brand that can help the product to sell;

(3) Marketing and pricing strategy – designing a marketing strategy, considering advertising, social media and promotional techniques, and setting the product price based on realistic estimates of costs of production;

(4) Presentations – presenting the business plan to the Program teaching staff and peers, and responding to questions.

Finally, students also receive presentations on Life as a Student at the University of Cambridge and take part in video conference discussions from current CJBS MBA students and business leaders.


The Program is led by CJBS Youth Programs Director, Danny Kerrigan, an Economics graduate from the University of Cambridge with extensive experience in delivering educational courses, including the CJBS Summer Program.

The teaching style is interactive and fast-paced; teaching staff challenge students at all times in order to maximize their opportunities for development and encourage deeper engagement with the content.

Sessions generally follow a pattern of:

– Short review of the previous Session;

– Introduction to the new concept;

– Interactive small group activity designed to develop understanding of the concept;

– Discussion of the learnings from the activity;

– Introduction to key theoretical models associated with the concept;

– Individual/small group activity based on the theories discussed;

– (For advanced students) Analysis of an academic paper related to the concept.

In the following cases, a full refund will be made.

(1) If the minimum number of 12 participants is not met by the registration deadline (Monday, February 7, 2022)

(2) If it becomes difficult for the instructor to travel due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bank transfer

*The bank transfer fee should be paid by the applicant.

*Please put “CJBS” in front of the transfer name.

*Laurus students will be billed together with next month’s tuition.

The minimum number of participants for this event is 12. If the number of participants is not met, we will contact you within one week after the deadline to cancel the event.

Person in charge: Kaori Takahashi

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.