STEAM Winter School 2022 19th-23rd December




The world is full of secrets and conundrums. Enigmas wrapped in code and shrouded in mystery. Problems that seem impossible and that baffle most are waiting to be unraveled. Join us this winter to unlock the secrets, unscramble the codes…and solve the mystery.



●Application Form

Laurus member:


*Please make your payment within 2 weeks after your application.

●This course is designed for

Year 2 (1st-grade Primary school) – Year 8 (2nd-grade Secondary school)

*For 1st-grade students, students born between April 2, 2015, and April 1, 2016, are eligible.

*Students in Year 6 (5th-grade Primary school) and above will work on more advanced content on the same topics.


On the first day, Monday, December 19, please be at the school at 9:30 for orientation. Regular course students should arrive at the school after 9:50 except for the first day.


●Guest Speaker

Dr. Minoru Itoh

Dr. Minoru Itoh graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.

Completed the doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and obtained a doctorate in education.

After that, he taught at Tokyo University of Science for more than 30 years, and in 2021 became an emeritus professor at the same university.

From April 2022, he has been appointed Director of the Modern Science Museum and Mathematics Experience Museum, Tokyo University of Science.



<For lower grade aged student>

STEAM Winter School 2022


<For upper grade aged student>

STEAM Winter School 2022 4-5



NTT History Center of Technologies

On Friday, December 23, we will go on a field trip to a facility related to the theme (NTT History Center of Technologies).




(1) Regular course: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

(2)Early Arrival course: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm


●Things to bring

・Please write your name in English on all of your belongings.

・Please bring a drink (water bottle), cutlery (spoon, fork, chopsticks, etc.), inner shoes, and hand paper.

●Students with allergies

・Please be sure to bring your own lunch as we are unable to provide lunch for students with allergies during the Seasonal Events.

・During the Seasonal Event, we are unable to accept students who need to use an EpiPen due to the lack of medical staff available.



Laurus International School of Science Primary school
📞03-6722-6310   📩


Pay at a convenience store or via internet banking.
More details are from here. My payment guide

Seven eleven, Family mart, Ministop, Seicomart, Lawson and Multimedia Kiosks


●Cancellation Policy

Laurus Member: Tuition will be automatically deducted from your registered bank account.
Non-Member: The deadline for tuition payment is Monday, December 12. Please complete the application and payment by the deadline.

・If a parent/guardian wishes to cancel or change the course after registration, a handling fee of 1,000 yen will be charged.
・After the registration deadline, course changes, and refunds will not be made.

●Event Participation Precautions

・Tours of schools and facilities must be reserved in advance. Please contact the primary school in advance if you wish to visit.

・Since the administration of medication to children is a “medical procedure” as defined by law, instructors and staff are not allowed to administer medication to children. Therefore, as a general rule, the school will not accept medication.

・International participants are required to purchase optional travel insurance. If you do not have travel insurance and become ill or injured while attending our seasonal event, you will be responsible for your own medical expenses.


Q.My child speaks no (or little) English. Can he/she participate in seasonal events?
A. All classes will be provided in English. We recommend that children attend at a level where they can understand English vocabulary and basic English conversation. Basically, we do not provide class support in Japanese.

Q. How are classes organized?
A. Classes will be assigned according to age and number of students in the class. However, please understand that classes may be moved at the discretion of the teacher. We also appreciate your understanding that it may be difficult to accommodate requests regarding class transfers for all students.

Q. What kind of classes are they?
A. STEM lessons will be given on the theme.

Q. Is it possible to observe classes at the primary school?
A. If you wish to visit the program, please contact the Primary school separately. (Phone: 03-6722-6310, Email: Visits are not available during the seasonal event. Please note that prior visits may not be possible depending on the availability of the schedule.

Q. Is there a school bus service?
A. We will provide transportation service by school bus, but it will be fixed use for the 5 days you will be participating in the program. (Single-day bus service is not available.)  In addition, there will be an extension fee for the use of the bus. Please check the application form for details.

Q.Can I change my bus stop in the middle of the week?
A. We regret that different bus stops are not available within the same week.

Q. Is it possible to have new bus stops built outside of existing bus routes?
A. No new bus stops will be established during the Seasonal Program.

Q. Can I drive to and from the school?
A. You may drive your child to and from school, but please do not park or temporarily park in front of the school. Please park in a nearby coin-operated parking lot and take your child to and from school.

Q. Can I leave early for one day during the term?
A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we generally do not allow early dismissal.

Q. When should I pay the registration fee?
A. Once you have registered for the program, the school will send you an invoice by email. Once we have received your payment, your registration is complete. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

Q. Do I pay for extensions in advance or later? 
A. Extension fees will be billed at a later date based on actual extended hours. After the Seasonal Program, you will receive a billing notice from the school.

Q. I missed a day of school. Can I get a refund for the days I missed?
A. Please note that no refunds will be made for missed classes.

Q. Can I heat up my lunch at school?
A. The school does not have a microwave for student use. Please note that we do not provide individual lunch heating service.

Q. My child left something inside the school building, can you mail it to my home?
A. Please contact the Primary school Reception as soon as possible. If you return the items by mail, we will accept payment on delivery. We will keep lost and found items for two weeks after the end of the school day, but we will dispose of them at our own risk if the owner of the lost and found items does not notify us.

●Countermeasures against COVID-19 infection

We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding infection control measures at Laurus International School of Science.

(1) All staff and student/s take their temperatures daily. (2) All staff members wear masks. We also encourage student/s to wear masks. (3) We wash our hands carefully before meals. (4) We disinfect the school bus, tables, chairs, toilets, doorknobs, handrails, walls, and switches frequently. (5) Always open the windows for ventilation. (6) Prevent contact and droplet infection by keeping a safe distance from each other in line, etc. (7) When school buses are in operation, open the windows next to the driver's seat and staff seats to provide ventilation.
⚠️Request to Parents ・We ask for your cooperation in taking temperatures at home and having your children wear masks. ・We do not accept visitors who are not in good physical condition, such as those with fever (37.5°C or higher), cough, or other cold symptoms. ・If your child has a fever, please allow 24 hours after the fever has broken for the child to recover from the symptoms before returning to school. ・If your child's physical condition changes at the school, we will contact you immediately and ask that you pick up your child promptly. ・To avoid risk to parents, we recommend that contact be made by e-mail or telephone rather than in person. ⚠️Requests for those returning from overseas Upon your return, please refrain from participating in seasonal events during the waiting period set by the government. ⚠️Requests for those who have or whose family members have contracted the COVID-19 ・Please wait at least 7 days after infection with the COVID-19 and at least 10 days after the onset of the disease to participate. ・Please do not participate if you have a family member who has had a close contact with a person with whom you have had a close contact. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the due date or on the day of the event due to the above reasons. We thank you in advance for your understanding.




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.