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We are currently accepting applications for a few additional students at Laurus Musashi-kosugi and Musashi-shinjo schools. If you are interested in enrolling, or would like to take a school tour and have an explanation, please apply using the form below. *Due to corona virus measures, school tours and trial lessons are given for a limited number of people.   <Musahi-Shinjo school> <Musashi-Kosugi school> The Musashi-kosugi and Musashi-shinjo schools are eligible for subsidies and discounts from Kawasaki city. In addition to the usual free early childhood education and childcare benefits, Kawasaki city also provides its own…


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Global Entrepreneurship Online School

Thank you for signing up! This course is now closed. Laurus is adopting courses supplied by EtonX, a British online education company founded by the prestigious Eton College, with original workshops taught by Harvard-educated instructors to create a global entrepreneurship school for Japanese high school students. EtonX provides Eton’s original educational curriculum as online content to more than 30 countries around the world. In each course, students watch videos and complete assignments. In our custom-made online lessons, they will also engage in role- play and discussion with top-notch Laurus tutors. The courses are designed to…


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Block programming After school at Den-en-chofu will start!

We announce Block programming After school will start at Den-en-chofu school. We will do trial lessons as fellows. Please sign now. We are looking forward to meeting you. Thank you. 田園調布スクールでは新しくBlock programming After schoolが開講いたします。 ご希望の方を対象に体験レッスンを行います。ぜひご参加ください。 ※授業はすべて英語で行いますため、先生の指示などがある程度、理解できる方におすすめしております 皆様にお会いできることを楽しみにしております。   ◆Grade Elementary school students   ◆Date Aug 28th (Fri), Sep 11th (Fri)   ◆Time 15:30-17:30   ◆Location Den-en-chofu school 1-16-17 Tamagawa Denenchofu, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0085   ◆Trial lesson fee 2,200 yen *Please pay the fee at school before start lesson   ◆対象 小学生   ◆日時 8月28日(金)、9月11日(金)   ◆時間 15:30-17:30   ◆場所 田園調布スクール 東京都世田谷区玉川田園調布1-16-17   ◆体験レッスン費用 2,200円 ※体験レッスン時にスクールでお支払いください  …


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Opening Rhythmic After school and the announcement for trial lessons

What is Rhythmic?   Rhythmic (French: Rythmique) is a technique of music education, which was invented by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950). It is well-known as a technique to build personality in a child by stimulating the development of sociability, creativity and expression. This not only enhances their basic musical abilities, but also affects them physically, emotionally and intellectually by allowing them to get in touch with their musical nature. 「It is an education through and for music, rather than an education about music」(Émile Jaques-Dalcroze)   We announce New Rhythmic After school will start at Shirokanedai school….


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STEAMSummer School 2020

  Even though the oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, humans have only explored a small fraction of this vast ecosystem. This summer, dive in and discover a hidden world of coral reefs overflowing with brightly coloured fish, as well as deeper, darker depths concealing mysterious creatures. Learn the forces behind the ocean’s turbulent weather, and experiment with technology that can help to preserve this precious aquatic ecosystem for years to come.   *Week 3 for Non-member is full. Thank you for your application. ※外部生のWeek 3は満席となりました。皆様のお申込みありがとうございます。   Primary school TEL : 03-6722-6310…


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STEAM Summer Camp 2020

  The ocean is so vast and expansive! There are many different things to explore and learn about in our seas. From studying the shallow shorelines to coral reefs, all the way down to the bottom of our deepest waters! We will learn about all kinds of life in our oceans as well as the vehicles we use to discover more about them. Including science experiments and STEM projects each day. Join us as we explore the ocean together!   【Member】   【Non-Member】   <Update 更新情報> 27th, 28th, 29th 30th July for K2 class @…



Notice of School Closure 27th May Update

Dear parents and caregivers,   Thank you for your continued support of Laurus International School of Science. The Japanese government has concluded that the state of emergency for the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas will end on 25th May. Therefore, we will be reopening the schools from Monday, 1st June.   Laurus International School of Science Dear parents and caregivers, Thank you for your continued support of Laurus.   Prime Minister Abe declared a state of emergency in the Tokyo area and other parts of Japan. Because the situation with the global coronavirus pandemic is rapidly…



Kindergarten and Primary student’s test results in February & March 2020

Students took the Eiken test at Laurus International School of Science Shirokanedai and Den-en-chofu in February & March 2020. Everyone did their best! We are proud to announce our Kindergarten and Primary student’s test results. *Only students whose parents have given permission are listed below. Total 24 students Kindergarten 2 Toma Takahashi Kindergarten 2 A・N Kindergarten 2 Kurumi Eto Kindergarten 2 Ayaka Ochiai Kindergarten 2 M・S Kindergarten 2 S・A Kindergarten 2 Hinata Nakano Kindergarten 2 Rinka Yoshida Kindergarten 2 S・I Kindergarten 2 Lennon Harada  Kindergarten 3 R・K Kindergarten 3 Jin Kawasaki Kindergarten 3 Thaveesha Rajapakshe Kindergarten 3 N・H Kindergarten 3 R・M Kindergarten 3 Jun Endo Kindergarten 3 Hannah Kimura Kindergarten 3 Minoru Shiraishi…



Prevention of Novel Coronavirus 6th March update

Dear Parents and guardians, We hope this information finds you well and thank you for your support of Laurus International School of Science.     We respectfully ask that individuals who are visiting Japan from an area with risk level 2 or higher due to the coronavirus and have been to those areas within the last few weeks please refrain from attending any school events. These include STEAM Spring Camp/School, 2020 orientations, class observations, and trial lessons.  If you would like to participate in any of these events, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss alternative arrangements…



After school trial lessons

We are delighted to announce STEM Academy, a set of cutting-edge after school classes. Our comprehensive set of STEM Academy after school classes has been carefully structured to provide a full course of learning that develops along with our students. Each after school flows together to provide continuous learning and exploration so that each student’s journey of developing their skills and understanding can keep going for many years! Trial classes for each class are available at the dates below!   ◆ Wednesday, 26th February 14:15-15:15 @Aoyama school ◆ Tuesday, 10th March 14:15-15:15 @Takanawa school ◆Wednesday, 11th March 15:30 – 16:30 @Shirokanedai…



Prevention of Novel Coronavirus

Dear parents,   Due to the outbreak of 2019-Novel Coronavirus, we would like to inform you of the counter-measures being undertaken by Laurus International School of Science.   ●We will take all the temperature of each student and staff member every morning. ●We will cancel all Science trips or other excursions until further notice. ●We will follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare of Japan Hoikuen niokeru kansenshou taisaku guideline vrs.2018”. *Encourage school disinfection, cleaning and ventilation. (include School busses) Use disposable paper towels. Teach proper hand washing and disinfection before…