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STEM Summer Camp at Stanford University

Students from all over the world are invited to attend a STEM Summer Camp at Stanford University in the summer of 2019!   Stanford University is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students from top schools all over the world will get together to study cutting-edge technology and knowledge every day. “STEM Summer Camp at Stanford University” will be held on campus at this prestigious Ivy League university. This is a special camp where elementary, junior-high and high school students can take educational programs with like-minded students from…



We are accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that Laurus International School of Science is officially accredited with Cambridge International( Our school will benefit from links to one of the most respected assessment organisation in the world that is recognised in over 160 countries worldwide, including Japan. Students will complete their primary schooling with a recognised certificate of completion from Cambridge International. Further to this, students will be able to continue through middle and high school with our school to gain MEXT recognised diplomas that will allow them access to universities both…


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Primary Additional Orientation

Dear Parents and caregivers, Greetings from Laurus International School of Science! We will hold an Orientation for families for our next school year (2019 – 2020) Primary 1st grade students.   ◆Date, Time and Location   ◆MAP & Directions   ●Access 6 minutes walk from “Shirokanedai” Station No.1Exit. (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line / The Toei Subway Mita Line) 10 minutes walk from “Takanawadai” Station A2 Exit. (The Toei Subway Asakusa Line) Administration and teaching staff will be available to answer questions regarding admissions procedures, the curriculum and general features of the school. Tours of the…


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STEAM Winter School 2018

Many scientists visit Antarctica from all over the world to study the climate, wildlife and geology there. They have been trying to use their collected data to solve global problems, such as climate change. In this Winter School, let’s learn about this scientifically important  and unique region! Then, try to think of the solutions utilizing your STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) knowledge and skills! We will learn words related to Antarctica. Let’s read and write sentences using the new words we have learned. Do you know what kinds of scientists and explorers there are in…


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STEAM Summer School 2018

Imagine something that you would want that has not been invented yet. Would other people want that too? Let’s come up with some ideas… Let’s get creative… Now, let’s get down to business! How would you make it? What other uses could it have? What problems might there be? Laurus International School of Science is proud to present this year’s Summer School – ENTREPRENEUR. We will introduce students to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM). We will go through the whole process – from the initial design to creating your product…