Advisors and Supporters


After graduating from Duke University in the U.S., she worked for a major U.S. consulting firm before completing his MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

She is involved with global leaders in Japan and abroad, including prominent entrepreneurs, educators, and astronauts, as well as government agencies, teachers and business people from all over Japan, and university and Upper Secondary students, in order to promote a fundamental shift in education worldwide.
Neinei Shirakawa
He participated in the establishment of MANAI, an organization that supports the research activities of middle and Upper Secondary students around the world, and is the co-founder of MANAI.

He has organized and run seven science camps for middle and Upper Secondary students until 2019, attracting more than 1,000 applicants from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Many of the participants have gone on to the IVY League and other overseas universities after graduation, and have formed a community.
Takeshi Kinugawa
After graduating from Oxford University and Cambridge University, he worked at Boston Consulting Group (Tokyo and Mumbai offices) and BCG Digital Ventures before founding Quest Inc. in 2018 and becoming its CEO.

He has extensive experience in education and recruiting for university students through his work as a recruiter at BCG, an internship provider for university students at Quest, and a core member of the non-profit organization learning across borders (providing study tours for university students). His future goal is to provide educational opportunities to people of all ages.
Kenta Minami


We want to continue learning at Laurus. This words I have heard from several readers will come true. The opening of the secondary school has been the enthusiasm and wish of the students and their parents. The hope for the future that education holds. The teachers and staff who make it happen are a bridge. I look forward to working with them.
Manabu Murata
International Education Specialist
To learn science is to care about people. Such a wonderful learning experience can be found at the secondary school. Please cherish this happiness and treasure it in your life. I will be rooting for you.
Prof. Yasufumi Kawamura
Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science and Director, Space LABO
Congratulations on the opening of your secondary school. I look forward to seeing the future of the sparkling students who have acquired high communication skills, scientific thinking ability, and entrepreneurship at the Primary School, and who will continue to learn and grow at Laurus.
Maki Komuro
President and Representative Director, Switch Education Co.
We are thrilled to see the opening of the secondary school and the expansion of the learning environment at Laurus, which we strongly sympathize with and which maximizes the infinite potential of children, along with further options for children as they grow.
Yasunobu Hashimoto
CEO and Representative Director, Digika Co.
Laurus, with its overwhelming uniqueness and practical STEM education, has revolutionized the old-style Japanese education industry. The establishment of a middle and Upper Secondary division is inevitable, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I'm rooting for you!
Akifumi Kawakami
Social Innovation Fiji Representative
I would like to continue to support the aspirations and efforts of everyone at Laurus to create a continuous learning environment for children to acquire a scientific mind and international communication skills, to think for themselves, and to nurture their potential to solve major social issues in the future.
Masayuki Yamakawa
Founder and Strategic Advisor, CellSource, Inc.
The key to enriching society is to focus on the individuality, qualities, and strengths of as many children as possible, cultivate their curiosity and inquisitiveness from an early age, and provide them with an education and environment that suits their needs.
Laurus will bring diversity and more learning satisfaction to the Japanese educational scene.
Biomass Resin Holdings Sustainable Naturalist
Maki LeonAshish Deguchi
EarthLove Company Founder
We know the important role that education plays in life, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. While we may be unable to accurately predict the future, we are still able to prepare our children to thrive in the new world in which they will find themselves. How can we do this?
The Laurus International School of Science (LISS), which follows the amazing work that has been demonstrated by the Laurus Primary School, is the kind of place where the next generation of leaders, scientists, researchers, engineers and others will be educated. This STEM secondary school will be a model for others both in Japan and around the world. Having worked with Mami Hioki and her very talented, dedicated, and culturally diverse teachers who come from all over the world, I am very excited for the LISS and look forward to collaborating with them in teaching and preparing our future generations for success in a rapidly evolving world.
Joseph Makokha
Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur.
PhD Candidate, Stanford University, CA. USA
“The positive energy, creativity and imagination of the students at Laurus International School of Science is boundless and second to none. I look forward to my upcoming visit to the new school, which will no doubt bring the same energy and enthusiasm to each interaction. At the dawn of a new space era, the next generation of students will bring together their passion and drive for exploration to shape the future.”
Christopher Altman
NASA-trained Commercial Astronaut
I’ve been connected to the Laurus International school of science for several years now and have visited and presented to the school in Japan. I have always found them to be very professional and innovative in the way they approach and deliver education. At Laurus secondary school we are a wonderful evolution of this tremendous group.



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