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18 months - 3 years old


It is when a child is interested in something that a child shows ability.

At Laurus, children have the opportunity to observe various natural phenomena in the open air during the four seasons and to experiment with a variety of subjects.
The children’s eyes are always sparkling at the wonder of the world.
Why do clouds float? Why is there night and day?
These questions drive them to observe and to make predictions.
They experiment and see the results. Then we make a hypothesis about what it might be.
It is this repetition that develops the ability to think.

Why Science?
Science does not mean difficult chemical formulas or laws. Children are born explorers. They seek to learn about the world around them with an overflowing curiosity. The Laurus curriculum is based on the child’s “Why? Why?” and We lead students to scientific thinking through observation of various things and many hands-on experiences. Excitement and excitement are the keys to future growth.
Snuggling up with children
The age of 1.5 to 3 years is an important time for the development of the heart, body, and mind. Children’s minds are full of thoughts and feelings that they want to share, and the staff at Laurus listen to these thoughts and feelings and try their best to speak them out in English. Children grow up with a sense of security that they are being looked after and understood, which helps them to develop both mentally and physically.
Generous support for school operations
Each class has one homeroom teacher (native English speaker or equivalent), 2 or 3 nursery staff including qualified teachers, and full-time instructors in Music, Eurhythmic, STEM, Physical Education, and Karate who provide extensive support for class management.
In addition to this, each grade level has a curriculum coordinator, and nursery advisors and headquarters staff regularly visit each class to check the quality of care and education provided in each school and class.


We promise to:
Be kind to our friends
Work together
Question and wonder
Find new solutions
Play safe
And have fun


At Laurus, we are committed to the development of positive and knowledgeable children.

Laurus' original curriculum maximizes students' independence and willingness to learn.
Through science, we nurture students' curiosity about "Why? We nurture students' ability to think for themselves and communicate with others.
Phonics is a way of learning to connect the relationship between English spellings and sounds. By learning the rules of phonics, you can learn to pronounce words you see for the first time and improve your listening skills.
Through rhythmic classes, students will improve their concentration, sense of rhythm, and motor skills.
ALL English
ALL English
Students will naturally learn English and English-speaking culture while spending time in an ALL English environment.
For classes of approximately 20 students, one homeroom teacher and 2 or 3 nursery staff are in charge of the class. In addition, a specialist teacher and headquarters staff also visit each school and class.




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.