Student Life

By providing a warm, welcoming environment, we create an idealistic environment for young learners to explore and learn.

Students are guided in the acquisition of important social skills, focusing on politeness and good manners.

We create a safe environment to help students grow both physically and emotionally.

Target 18 months - 3years old
Courses Fullday course 8:30 - 18:00
5 hours course 9:00 - 14:00

A Day in the Life of a Laurus Preschool Student


Good morning

After greeting their teachers and friends, students put their belongings in their lockers, change out of their uniforms and prepare for the day ahead.


Morning Assembly

All Laurus students, from preschool to kindergarten, come together to say good morning, sing and discuss the daily agenda.


Circle Time

Students and teachers sit together in a welcoming circle to practice daily English, such as numbers, colors and days of the week.


Snack & Story Time

Time to relax, have a snack and read a story.


Discovery Time

At a nearby nature park we encourage the children to search for new and interesting plants and animals. What will we discover today?



By playing games, singing songs and exploring our interactive classroom, we learn English in a fun, natural way.


Lunch Time

Learning manners, nutrition and responsibility are all a part of lunch time.



Even for our young learners, experimentation and inquiry based learning is something we focus on. Students are given hands on experience to touch and explore new ideas during our preschool science classes.

Extended Program


Nap Time

After a long day, our preschool students take a two hour nap.


Snack Time

When the students wake up, we have a small snack, and students are given another opportunity to socialize.


Free Play

We prepare multiple crafts, puzzles and games designed to inspire students to be creative and thoughtful while providing a safe area where they can learn and explore.


Good bye

What a fun day we had! See you next time!

School Calendar



There are many wonderful parks to explore nearby, and May is the perfect time for a picnic.


Open School / Parent-Teacher Conference

In March we welcome the families of our students to come explore our school and see how their child is settling into their new class. We also offer our initial parent-teacher conference in March, which is a great opportunity to meet, discuss any initial thoughts or concerns and set goals for the year ahead.


Water Time

In the summer we bring out the pools, water balloons and other water toys to have fun playing in the water.


Sports day

All of the Laurus students, from our five schools, come together once a year to show our school spirit and have fun playing sports.


Halloween party

On Halloween we can explore our imagination by becoming anything from a superhero to a princess, all while getting a little chocolate.


Performance day

After months of hard work, the students share their wonderful songs and dances with their families and friends.


Open School / Parent-Teacher Conference

In February we are proud to welcome back the families of our students to show them how much their child has progressed over the school year. During this month we also invite parents to our final parent-teacher conference. This gives us the opportunity to talk about their child's successes and allows us to discuss the year ahead.