Creating future innovators who change the world
for the better.
We would like to provide an environment where students can learn and work with peace of mind during the most sensitive years of their lives.
We want to provide an environment, both human and physical, where students can learn and be active with peace of mind.
We want our students to spend their precious six years not only preparing for entrance exams, but also interacting with a variety of adults, pursuing their passions, thinking for themselves, opening up the future, and changing the world.
We support our students to become innovators and global leaders who can open up the future and change the world.
Graduated from Yale School of Management, the US
ChairmanKiyomi Hioki
Graduated from Sophia University
Head of schoolMami Hioki
Welcome to Laurus!

The world is changing rapidly, and we are experiencing what many have called the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is being led by innovations such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data. These innovations are consuming the world. Rapid globalization has also created more and more complicated international problems. In a further 20 years, the world will be beyond our imagination, and our children will need the abilities and skills to solve problems without clear answers.

Although our world is rapidly changing, education at Japanese schools has changed very little in 50 years. That is one of the reasons we decided to open an international science school in 2010 and the Laurus International School of Science Primary School in 2016 and Secondary School in 2022.

As the first and only international school of science in Japan, we promise to devote ourselves to equipping your children with the tools and knowledge they will need to create their own future. Not only will we guide and encourage them to become innovators and leaders, we will help them become responsible, contributing members of society during an era of uncertainty.

Message from our Principal

My name is Stephen Bailey, the Principal at Laurus International School of Science. Thank you for your interest in our school.

I am very happy to tell you about our school, curriculum fantastic staff, and amazing students. The Laurus Curriculum is built on the solid foundation of the Cambridge International system.

Our classes are designed to meet the stringent standards set by Cambridge, and even exceed them. Our teachers take the learning objective goals set by Cambridge and use both approved textbooks and their own experience and imagination to take those lessons so much further. We employ project and inquiry-based learning to allow students to experience how their daily learning can be employed in the real world. Rather than simply taking in information, students are expected to demonstrate how that information can be put to use through projects, presentations, and academic competitions.

Total engagement of our learners is a necessary part of our teaching and learning philosophy. The facilities at Laurus allow us to provide top-level lessons across all of our subjects. Our science labs meet and exceed all specifications for the Cambridge curriculum and our Engineering & Technology Maker Space enjoys the latest technology in 3D printing, programming, and robotics. The new Primary and Secondary school building truly are second-to-none. Fantastic facilities are nothing without the staff to make use of them.

Our instructors are all professionals in their respective fields. We aim to employ people with specializations in different areas in order to provide our students with as wide a range of talent and experience as possible. Along with our core teaching staff, we enjoy the participation of many visiting mentors and experts from a huge array of professions that bring their real-world experience to bear as they teach, coach, and guide our students to success.

Please join us to see what Laurus International School of Science can do to open every door to your child’s success!

Primary school and Secondary school
PrincipalStephen Bailey







Laurus International School of Science is proud to present our new school song that represents the heart and soul of what Laurus is and wishes to become.
The lyrics and musical composition is produced by TSUNKU♂, the prolific Japanese record producer and singer-songwriter.
The Amazing Laurus International School Song
Lyrics:Tsunku English Lyrics:Alisa K Composition:Tsunku Arrangement:Shunsuke Suzuki
*Blue sentences: Japanese Romaji Lyrics

Teachers hand out papers for us to sketch our dreams
But I know that the sky is not even big enough to showcase all my dreams

Clap hands!
Clap hands!
Clap hands!
For all of our hope

The possibilities of the future are endless

I know that I can be whatever that I really want to be, from this day on
I can fly right to the moon, I can go wherever that I want to
That is called imagination
That’s what we call taking action
We are the amazing Laurus International School

Gayoshi dake ja egaki kirenai
Sora ju tsukatte osamaru daroka all my dreams

Clap hands!
Clap hands!
Clap hands!

kibo no kazudake
boku rano mirai no kanosei wa
Mu gen dai
Ari nimo nareru shi Kujira yorimo dekaku
Nareru sa
Tsuki nimo ikeru shi ginga mo tobikoe rareru
Kagayake! Sozoryoku
Hirameke! Kodoryoku
Warera amazing Laurus International School

I know that I can be whatever that I really want to be, from this day on
I can fly right to the moon, I can go wherever that I want to
That is called imagination
That’s what we call taking action
We are the amazing Laurus International School
We are the amazing Laurus International School
Listen to the School Song (including Lyrics)
Listen to the School Song (Karaoke – No Lyrics)



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.