Primary School
Student Life

Our education programs are in line with global standards and are crafted by specialized teachers and curriculum developers. With our high educational standards, we nurture those who will go on to play active roles globally.

Inquiry-based lessons are taught across the curricula throughout the day.

Lessons are taught completely in English. Lessons in Japanese are taught as a Japanese after school.

Education Program

Subject-based teacher assignments

Our multi-faceted, high-quality lessons are taught by experienced educators. Students are monitored by multiple staff in the classroom to ensure an attentive and safe learning environment.

STEM programs

Specialized teachers deliver unique learning opportunities in multiple subjects, including Programming, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


We include Japanese lessons in our regular lesson schedule and we also have a Japanese after school.

School Calendar


Entrance Ceremony

The principal announces the homeroom teachers and the class rosters for the upcoming school year.



Every school year, the students go on an excursion to a different place.
This year, they went to Miraikan (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation).


Open School/Parent-Teacher Conferences

In June, we welcome the families of our students to explore our school and see how their child is settling into their new class. We also offer our initial parent-teacher conference, which is a great opportunity to meet and discuss any initial thoughts or concerns and set goals for the year ahead.


Sports Day

Students from all grades come together to compete in sports-related events.


Summer School

We hold Summer School. Various special programs are available during the summer holiday.


Eiken STEP Mock Test

We prepare students for the Eiken Test to measure their English proficiency.



We organize a party and wear costumes to celebrate Halloween.



We exhibit projects that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics created by our students.


Performance Day

Students produce and perform plays entirely in English.


Eiken Test

Students’ progress in English proficiency is tested.


Spelling Bee

Students compete against each other in a spelling competition.


Open School/Parent-Teacher Conferences

In February, we welcome back the families of our students to show them how much their child has progressed over the school year. During this month, we also invite parents to our final parent-teacher conference. This gives us the opportunity to talk about their child's successes and allows us to discuss the year ahead.



Students take year-end exams to test their knowledge of the previous year’s material.


Spring School

We hold Spring School. Various special programs are available during the spring holiday.


Graduation Ceremony

Students attend a full ceremony in graduation gowns. They receive a certificate from the principal.