Primary School
Student Life

An inquiry-based, project-based curriculum that combines the original Laurus STEM curriculum with an international standard primary curriculum.
Our small class sizes and high academic standards prepare our students for a global career.

Innovative Education


“Why? For what reason?” By asking these questions, developing a hypothesis, repeating the experiments, and observing the results, we can objectively analyse things from different angles, therefore gaining the ability to think independently. A keen understanding of science deepens the inquiring mind and sharpens intuition. By emphasizing the addition of science experiments and observations in our curriculum, we provide the basis for the development of students' critical thinking.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning, we are raising talented young adults with the critical thinking and judgment skills necessary to create and pursue new opportunities in the 21st century.


By following the Cambridge ICT syllabus for programming and supplementing it with additional activities, our students learn everything they need to know about variables, algorithms, strings, loops, and syntax. All of our students go on to program real systems and real robots, ensuring that they are ready for the world of tomorrow.


Our modern world places less emphasis on choosing lifetime professions. Children are encouraged to create solutions to their own or other people’s real world problems. As a school, we are here to guide our students in the process of learning the skills needed for problem-solving, creativity, originality, and risk-taking and to enable them to utilize those qualities in a successful career.


All of our classes are conducted entirely in English except for the three Japanese language periods a week. For students whose primary language is not Japanese, or for students who do not speak Japanese, we offer classes tailored to their level.

School Calendar


Entrance Ceremony

The principal announces the homeroom teachers and the class rosters for the upcoming school year.



Every school year, the students go on an excursion to a different place.
This year, they went to Miraikan (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation).


Open School/Parent-Teacher Conferences

In June, we welcome the families of our students to explore our school and see how their child is settling into their new class. We also offer our initial parent-teacher conference, which is a great opportunity to meet and discuss any initial thoughts or concerns and set goals for the year ahead.


Sports Day

Students from all grades come together to compete in sports-related events.


Summer School

We hold Summer School. Various special programs are available during the summer holiday.


Eiken STEP Mock Test

We prepare students for the Eiken Test to measure their English proficiency.



We organize a party and wear costumes to celebrate Halloween.


Performance Day

Students produce and perform plays entirely in English.


Eiken Test

Students’ progress in English proficiency is tested.



We exhibit projects that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics created by our students.


Spelling Bee

Students compete against each other in a spelling competition.


Open School/Parent-Teacher Conferences

In February, we welcome back the families of our students to show them how much their child has progressed over the school year. During this month, we also invite parents to our final parent-teacher conference. This gives us the opportunity to talk about their child's successes and allows us to discuss the year ahead.



Students take year-end exams to test their knowledge of the previous year’s material.


Spring School

We hold Spring School. Various special programs are available during the spring holiday.


Graduation Ceremony

Students attend a full ceremony in graduation gowns. They receive a certificate from the principal.