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Group and School Overview


Date of establishment
November 21st, 2003
October 1st, 2001 (Foundation)
Head office
10F Shiba Kokusai Bldg. 4-1-30 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
TEL:03-6665-8904 FAX:03-6665-8907
Management organizations
Laurus International School Co., Ltd
1-5-6 Kitamagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo
The number of students
Approx. 1,300(April 1st, 2023)
The number of teachers and staff
Approx. 300(Last update: April 1st, 2023)
The chairman
Kiyomi Hioki (Graduated from Yale School of Management, the US)
The Head of School
Mami Hioki (Graduated Sophia University)
Science Adviser
Seigo Murakami (Graduated from Kyoto University)
Paul E. Cizdziel, Ph.D. (Graduated from University of Texas)
The Principal of Primary school and Secondary school
Christopher Pulling (Graduated from Deakin University)


Laurus International Co., Ltd/Shirokanedai/Takanawa/Aoyama/Tsukishima/Den-en-chofu/Musashi-Kosugi/Musashi-Shinjo
Laurus International Co., Ltd/Shirokanedai/Takanawa/Aoyama/Tsukishima/Den-en-chofu/Musashi-Kosugi/Musashi-Shinjo


  • 2001
    Bilingual Kids Nagahara School Established
  • 2002
    Bilingual Kids Kugahara School & Nishimagome School Opened
  • 2003
    Bilinga Company Established
    Bilinga International Preschool Togoshi Park School Opened
  • 2010
    Bilinga International Preschool Musashikosugi Opened
  • 2011
    Bilinga Science International School Takanawa School Opened
  • 2012
    Bilinga Science International School Denenchofu Opened
  • 2013
    Bilinga Co.,Ltd. Established
    Interlang Co.,Ltd. Established
  • 2014
    Bilinga Science International School Aoyama Opened
  • 2016
    Laurus International School of Science Shirokanedai School Opened
    Primary School Opened
  • 2017
    We changed the school name from Bilinga Science International School.
    *New School Name:
    -Laurus International School of Science (Aoyama, Takanawa, Den-en-chofu, Musashikosugi)
    -Laurus Language School (Nishimagome, Kugahara)
    Laurus International School of Science Musashi-shinjo School Opened
  • 2019
    We are registered by Cambridge Assessment International Education
    Laurus International School of Science Musashi-kosugi school relocated
    Laurus International School of Science Primary school relocated
    General Incorporated Foundation Laurus International School of Science established
  • 2022
    Laurus International School of Science Secondary School Open
  • 2023
    Moved Primary school and Secondary School to Shiba new building.
    Laurus International School of Science Den-en-chofu School relocated and renamed as Jiyugaoka School




The primary and secondary school of Laurus International School are registered at Cambridge Assessment International Education (hereinafter referred to as Cambridge International). In Japan, only a handful of schools are Cambridge International registered.

What is Cambridge International

Cambridge International is a part of the University of Cambridge and is known as the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds. The international qualifications offered by Cambridge International are recognised by educational institutions worldwide, including the world’s best universities.
As for July, 2019, there are over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries that offer Cambridge programmes and qualifications. The Cambridge programmes value deep subject knowledge as well as the conceptual understanding that helps students make links between different aspects of a subject. Also, the programmes encourage students to develop higher order thinking skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting arguments, which help students prepare for their future lives as confident global citizens.

Cambridge International Features

  • The world’s largest international curriculum: more than 1 million students in 10,000 schools in 160 countries.
  • A coherent international curriculum from K3 (5 years old) to Upper Secondary (18 years old): Grade1 to 12, with a continuum of stages.
  • International Learning Assessment System: Students are assessed and receive feedback based on uniform standards through exams taken by international school students around the world.
  • Recognition from universities around the world: Cambridge qualifications are recognized by over 1,400 universities around the world, including not only British universities but also over 650 universities in the United States (including all Ivy Leagues) and major institutions of higher learning in Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other major universities. Recognition is also increasing in Japan with the internationalization of universities.
Sourse: Cambridge Assessment International Education (2019): An International Education from Cambridge

IGCSE, AS & A Levels

Grade 8 – 10 at Laurus International School

Cambridge IGCSE, which stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. Most IGCSE courses take 2 years to complete.

There are over 70 subjects available at Cambridge IGCSE and schools can offer them in any combination, which allows schools and students to build/learn around their specific needs and interests. Grades of the Cambridge IGCSE assessment are internationally recognised and many universities around the world allow students to directly apply with the IGCSE qualifications.

About AS & A Levels
Grade 10 – 12 at Laurus International School
The Cambridge International A Levels program is typically two years and the first year is also called AS Levels program. Students may choose the AS Level alone or complete two-year A level courses. Both AS & A Levels are recognised by higher education institutions around the world and are used by thousands of learners to gain places at leading universities worldwide. In countries such as the United States and Canada, good grades in carefully chosen Cambridge International A Level subjects can result in up to one year of university course credit.


University Applications

Japanese Universities
In April 2016, the Japanese government published a new policy confirming that Cambridge International AS & A Levels are equivalent to the national Upper Secondary graduation certificates for admission to universities in Japan. This applies to Japanese and international students aged over 18. Following the publication of this new policy, more Japanese universities recognise Cambridge qualifications including IGCSE/AS/A Levels for admission use. Laurus students may apply for a variety of September-entry programs offered by Japanese universities such as The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Waseda University with their A Levels results directly.

Overseas Universities
Well recognized by higher education institutions and employers around the world, Cambridge International qualifications offer students a passport to success in the global stage. We have listed a few examples for your reference and you can find full details of world university recognitions at the database of Cambridge International.

Cambridge International AS & A Levels are equivalent to the AS & A Levels taken by students in the UK, and are accepted for entrance to UK universities in the same way as the UK A Levels. Many universities require a combination of Cambridge International A Levels and Cambridge IGCSEs to meet their entry requirements.

Universities and colleges across the USA, including all Ivy League universities, welcome students with Cambridge qualifications. Colleges and universities generally require a minimum of AS or A Levels for admission, but some colleges will accept Cambridge IGCSEs as meeting entry requirements. Some institutions and credential evaluators may consider five Cambridge IGCSE qualifications with passes at Grade C or higher to be equivalent to a Upper Secondary diploma.

Universities and colleges across Canada welcome students with Cambridge qualifications. If you possess at least four AS Levels and/or at least two A Level qualifications you are eligible to apply to Canadian universities. More competitive courses may require additional qualifications at higher grades. Colleges may accept Cambridge IGCSE as meeting entry requirements. You may be eligible for advanced standing credit.

Singapore remains an important destination for higher education, particularly with students from the Asia-Pacific region. Cambridge qualifications are widely accepted in Singapore.

Universities across Australia welcome applications from Cambridge students. Cambridge International A Levels are widely accepted for direct entry to undergraduate degree courses.

1. Cambridge Assessment International Education, University recognition worldwide: Guide to the recognition and acceptance of Cambridge qualifications, July 2018

Support Programs

At Laurus Middle and Upper Secondary, we support students’ dreams in a wide range of ways, including
  • Assistance in preparing for standardized tests such as TOEFL and SAT as well as Cambridge International A-Levels
  • Assessment and provision of advice on university selection and aptitude, based on the student’s needs.
  • Revisions and suggestions to the student’s draft application for admission.
  • Advice on university life and career choices.
  • Counseling by mentors consisting of domestic and international researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Provides opportunities for internships, study tours, and volunteer activities.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.