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School Life

A brief video of school life and events.
Background music is produced by Tsunku♂, one of Japan’s leading music producers.
Students with unlimited potential.
We have created a school song that brings out the best of their charms.
Kindergarten Promotion Video
Primary Promotion Video

Laurus Innovator’s Lab

We have been hosting the Laurus Innovator’s Lab, a science café with an entrepreneurship education component, on an irregular basis. the LIL will be inviting leading researchers and entrepreneurs and offering science workshops.

Vol.1 Regenerative medicine for every life

Guest speaker

Dr. Masayuki Yamakawa, Founder of CellSource Co., Ltd. and Mr. Takuo Yamaki, General Manager of Exosome Division, CellSource Co., Ltd.

Vol.2 The challenge of man-made shooting stars

Guest speaker

Dr. Lena Okajima, President, ALE Co., Ltd. / Doctor of Science (Astronomy)

Vol.3 Education to foster innovators

Guest speaker

Mr. Yasumasa Yamamoto, Venture Capitalist, Specially Appointed Associate Professor of Kyoto University

Vol.4 SDGs Science Experiment Class

Guest speaker

Prof. Yasufumi Kawamura, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science.

Vol.5 Special lecture on cell-cultured meat

Guest speaker

Mr. Yuki Hanyu, IntegriCulture Corporation CEO and the founder of Japan's first artificially cultured meat project, Shojinmeat Project



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