Student Life

Divided into 3 grades, children can learn sophisticated English abilities.

Based on science and literacy, children give a presentation in science class when they graduate.

We provide a balanced education, including mental and physical development through PE classes.

Age K1 3 - 4 years’ old
K2 4 - 5 years’ old
K3 5 - 6 years’ old
Course Full day course 8:30-18:00
5 hours course 9:00-14:00

K1 Typical Daily schedule

(subjects vary throughout the week)


Free Play Time


Morning assembly

Children from preschool and kindergarten join together for a warm and fun welcome to the day! Teachers review the daily schedule with songs and topical discussions.



Students are encouraged to build awareness and readiness for mathematical concepts with hands-on activities to do and real-world problems to solve.


Exploration time or P.E. (Karate)

Students go to the park and explore the natural environment around them. Once a week we also have a P.E. class and a Karate class with our specialist teachers!



Phonics provides the cornerstone that allow our students learn to read and write. Emphasis is also placed on speaking with a carefully considered syllabus including activities, such as role-play and show and tell.


Lunch Time



Epitomizing the Laurus school ethos, science classes challenge students via stimulating thematic units which encourage children to hypothesize, experiment and inquire!


Closing Circle

The day is brought to a close as children review the day’s content. This is also an opportunity for shared reading time and a goodbye song!

After 5-hour course


Free play daily program

A fun time after school for studying and playing with friends.


Exploration time

Going to a park and enjoying the outdoors


Snack time


Study Time

Children learn more about the world around them through History and Social Studies lessons.


End of the Day

What a fun day we had! See you next time!

School Calendar


Entrance ceremony

The principal announces the homeroom teachers and the class rosters for the upcoming school year.


Open School/Parent-Teacher Conferences

In June, we welcome the families of our students to explore our school and see how their child is settling into their new class. We also offer our initial parent-teacher conference, which is a great opportunity to meet and discuss any initial thoughts or concerns and set goals for the year ahead.


Sports day

Several schools come together to compete in sports-related events.


Summer camp

We hold Summer Camp. Various special programs are available during the summer holiday.


Water Play

Playing in pools is a lot of fun, but there are many things to learn while playing in the water.



We take our lunches and go out to the park.


Halloween party

We organize a party and wear costumes to celebrate Halloween.


Performance day

Students produce and perform plays entirely in English.


Eiken Test

Students’ progress in English proficiency is tested.


STEM fair

We exhibit projects that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics created by our students.


Spring camp

We hold Spring School and Spring Camp. Various special programs are available during the spring holiday.


Graduation ceremony

Students attend a full ceremony in graduation gowns. They receive a certificate from the principal.

After graduation

International School
  • Laurus International School of Science
  • St. Mary's International School
  • K. International School Tokyo
  • Canadian International School Tokyo
  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • The American School in Japan
  • Saint Maur International School
  • Seisen International School
  • LCA Kokusai Elementary School

and so on.

Private primary school
  • Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School
  • Gyosei international primary School
  • Keio Gijuku Yochisha Primary School
  • Keio Yokohama Elementary School
  • Futaba Primary School
  • Denenchofu-Futaba Elementary School
  • Tokyo Jogakkan Primary School
  • Yokohama Futaba Primary School
  • Elementary School, University of Tsukuba
  • Tokyo Gakugei University Setagaya Elementary School
  • Senzoku Gakuen Elementary School
  • Bunkyo University Elementary School
  • Waseda Jitsugyō Elementary School
  • Morimura Gakuen Elementary School
  • Tokyo City University Elementary School

and so on.