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If my child enters during the middle of the school year, will the school offer necessary language support?

Depending on the needs each student, we offer custom ESL classes to meet the needs of the student.

Where are Laurus teachers from?
What is the selection criteria for entering Laurus? Do parents need English language ability to apply?
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School Life

What are your measures against infectious diseases?

We take the following measures against infectious diseases including the COVID-19 at Laurus.

-All staff, children, and parents are required to take their temperature daily.
-All staff members wear masks.
-We encourage children to wear masks.
-Hand washing after playing and before meals.
-Wear disposable gloves when assisting at meals.
-Use of mealtime dividers
-Use disposable gloves when assisting at meals
-Frequent disinfection
-Open windows for ventilation
-Use air purifiers
-Prevention of contact and droplet infection
-Disinfect school buses frequently, open windows, and ventilate.
-When classes are canceled or closed due to infectious diseases, online lessons will be provided.

Are school bus services available?
Safety measures for school bus services
Are lunch services available? Are there lunches for students with allergies?
Do parents have many opportunities to communicate with school staff?
Are students required to participate in school events?
Is it possible to change your student's program at anytime?
Where do students go when playing outside?
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After Graduation

How much are students expected to improve their English ability by graduation?

We aim for all students to pass the EIKEN Grade 4 Test by kindergarten graduation. We also aim for all first year primary students to pass the EIKEN pre-2 Test.

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Benefits And Subsidies

Can I use discount coupons from welfare companies?

The following discount coupons can be used at Laurus International School of Science.
Welfare discount coupons must be submitted to the reception of each school by the end of the month of use and will be deducted from the following month’s bill only. Parents/guardians are responsible for preparing these documents themselves.
・Sukusuku Eido of Benefit Station
・Life Support Club (RISOL Life Support)
・WEL BOX (e-well)
・Childcare assistance coupon of JTB Benefit ELAVEL Club

● Please note the following:
・Not applicable in case of cancellation.
・We will affix our stamp of acceptance.
・Please make sure that the date of use is within the validity period.
・This service cannot be used across fiscal years. (If the subsidy ticket is issued after October 1, it will be valid until March 31.)
・The number of tickets available and the amount of discount per hour vary depending on the partner company.
・The discount will be applied to the next month’s bill only, and cannot be refunded or carried over to the next month’s bill, including cases of suspension (except for one month only) or withdrawal.

● How to use Benefit Station
Apply in advance to Benefit One and receive the Sukusuku Handbook. Fill out the necessary information in the Sukusuku Handbook and submit it to the reception desk at each school by the end of the month of use.

Sukusuku Eido
・Provider: Benefit One Inc.
・Phone: 0800-9192-919
・Discount: Discount on subsidized tickets

Sukusuku Monthly
・Provider: Benefit One Corporation
・Phone: 0800-9192-919
・Discount: Up to 10,000 yen subsidy based on the childcare fee for one month
※Details of the subsidized tickets vary depending on the contract with the company you work for.

● How to use Life Support Club (RISOL Life Support)
・Provider: RISOL Life Support Corporation (formerly Resort Solution Corporation)
・Phone: 0120-208-330
・Discount: Discount on subsidized tickets

● How to use WEL BOX (eWEL)
・Provider: e-well, Inc.
・Phone: 0120-964-545
・Discount details: Discount on supplementary tickets

● How to use JTB Benefit
Please apply for JTB Benefit in advance, fill out the necessary information, and submit it to the reception desk at each school by the end of the month of use.

・Provider: JTB Benefit Corporation
・Phone: 0120-924-033
・Discount: Discount on subsidized tickets
※Details of the subsidized tickets vary depending on the contract with the company you work for.

Is the program eligible for free early childhood education and childcare?
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.