STEM Academy

Primary (All grades) [Only available in Japanese]

In this after school, students will use a computer comprised of an IchigoJam base, a keyboard, and a small monitor to learn BASIC, which is a programming language for beginners. Through textbook tasks and game-making, they will have lots of fun while learning programming. Students will naturally acquire keyboarding skills and other computer skills while making games throughout each level of the course. As they develop more of an understanding of programming, they will learn how to remodel games in ways limited only by their imagination.

Number of Students 10 students *Minimum: 3 students
Lesson time 90 minutes
Language Japanese
Materials IchigoJam Base and textbooks
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents Game-making using BASIC
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Material Fee ¥11,000/year
Tuition ¥15,000/month
Lesson schedule
and location
Every Tuesday 16:00-17:30 @ Shirokanedai
Every Saturday 14:15-15:45 @ Musashi-kosugi

 What is IchigoJam?

IchigoJam is a palm-sized computer specially made for children to learn programming. Simply connect a monitor and a keyboard to IchigoJam and you can start programming right away. There is no need to connect to the internet or for any complicated settings.
We use BASIC, which is a programming language for beginners, so you can easily experience programming even without any prior programming skills or knowledge.

 Project Examples

Shooting Game Fighting Game Block Breaking Game
We will shoot UFOs, which move from side to side, using a keyboard. If you press the arrow keys, you can move to the right and the left. If you press the space key, you can shoot a beam.

Let’s make a traditional shooting game by yourself and enjoy playing it!
We will create a small network by connecting two IchigoJams with a jumper cable. If you send a message from one IchigoJam, the other will receive the message.

You can learn about the basic structure of a network with two IchigoJams.
We will break blocks on the top of the screen using a keyboard. We will make changes to the playing time using our coding skills.

Let’s break as many blocks as possible and get a high score!
How to work on the projects
We will work on one project in each lesson.
Throughout the course of one year, you will learn BASIC programming with IchigoJam as follows:

(1) Get familiar with BASIC, which is an entry-level programming language for beginners.

(2) Work on the problems and tasks of each project.

(3) Create the project's game then modify it using your own ideas.

(4) Understand programming (commands) written in BASIC as you build and play each game.

(5) In the final project, you will design your own game, planning and creating it by yourself.


Time Activities Details
(5 min)
Introduction Let’s prepare IchigoJam and other materials and get ready to start the lesson!
(5 mins)
Textbook / Explanation Listen to the teacher’s explanation of today’s project with reference to the textbook.
(20 mins)
Lesson Input commands following the textbook to create the base program.
(10 mins)
Explanation Listen to the explanation of the commands you have entered.
(20 mins)
Tasks Let’s work on the task in the textbook!
(5 mins)
Break Drink and bathroom break.
(20 mins)
Answer check Let’s check the answers!
(5 mins)
Pack up Take apart IchigoJam and pack everything away.


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30