STEM Academy
Kinder Coders

Kindergarten Grade 2–3

Take coding off the screen and bring it to life!
This is a program for kindergarteners to become a real life “coder” as you learn to write code and program robots!
Get to grips with programming in a fun and interactive way with the help of the VEX 123 robot and become a master of programming logic and problem solving!

Number of Students Maximum: 10 students
Lesson time 60 minutes
Language English
Materials VEX 123, worksheets
Things to bring Stationary, indoor shoes, and water bottle
Lesson contents Puzzles, robotics, and programming lesson
* Classes are integrated with the phonics, maths, and English classes in the Laurus K2 curriculum
Fee Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Annual Fee ¥10,000/year
Material Fee ¥1,100/month
Rental Device ¥2,000/month
Tuition Regular course students ¥11,000/month
Full-day course students ¥9,000/month
Location Den-en-chofu

 What is VEX 123?

VEX 123 is a brand new interactive, programmable robot that takes computer science and computational thinking off of the screen and brings them to life. Students can program their robots by:
  1. Creating sequences using the touch-sensitive buttons on the robot
  2. Inserting physical cards on the revolutionary VEX Coder to download programs wirelessly to the robot - no screens needed!

 Project Examples

Touch to code Story-based learning My friend, the robot
  1. Students code the robot to move along a number line in order to model and solve math equations.

  2. Students use the touch buttons to code the robot to help them sound out and read words.

  3. Students build arms to add to the robot and program it to be able to "clean their room" by clearing objects off of the robot area.
A dragon is attacking the kingdom and the local village! Students will program their robot to save the day in three parts:

  1. Rescue the villages by moving to each house in turn then travelling to the safety of the castle.

  2. Visit different local areas in turn to gather materials that can be used to defeat the dragon.

  3. Build a dragon-pushing machine with the robot and program it to push the dragon out of the kingdom for good!
  1. Students create projects to represent human actions associated with different emotions.

  2. Create a project to represent “calm down” strategies for the robot and teach it to react to different situations (e.g. bumping into a wall, or getting too close to the edge of the table).

  3. Decorate the robot with custom artwork etc and program the robot to do a trick, just like a real pet!


Time Activities Details
(5 min)
Introduction The teacher introduces today’s lessons and demonstrates what students will be learning today
(15 min)
Action Explore today’s challenge and write some code
(10 min)
Short break & discussion Brainstorm as a class to share what has and hasn’t been working so far
(20 min)
Step by step Update your code using the ideas discussed together and complete today’s challenge
(10 min)
Share and show Reflect on today’s lesson and share your ideas with the class


Open: WEEKDAY 9:00-17:30