Middle School

School Admissions 2022

Class size Maximum 25 students / 2 classes
Age eligibility 11 years old as of September 1st 2022
Application due date 10th February 2022
How to apply STEP 1: Attend the orientation
Submit your application and required documents to receptionist of primary school by post.

STEP 2: Pay the examination fee of ¥25,000

STEP 3: Receive your preliminary admission slip by e-mail.

*Please bring your preliminary admission slip on the assessment day.
Required documents ・Laurus Primary students
Admission application

・Other Primary students
Admission application
Recommendation letter/s
Please submit any certificates, awards, etc. that appeal to you in addition to your transcript.
Download Documents Admission application
Submit to Bilinga Co,. Ltd
7F Green Oak Takanawadai, 2-26-10 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

*Please send your application to the above address by registered mail. We can not accept direct delivery or submission by email.
*For Laurus students, please submit your application to the Primary reception.
Assessment Date We will contact you individually.
Admission exam ・Parents
Interview and Assessment (English, Math)

*You will be informed of the assessment result by post within two weeks to one month.
Enrollment Submit required documents / Entrance fee
Admission Procedure
  1. Orientation
  2. Acceptance of application: Submission of required documents / Examination fee
  3. Reserve Admission exam
  4. Admission exam: Interview
  5. Assessment Result
  6. Submit required documents / Entrance fee
  7. Measurement for uniform / Receiving school uniform and textbook
  8. Entrance ceremony

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