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Announcement of the new school names


Dear parents


I am delighted to announce that as of 1st April, 2017, we will change our school name from Bilinga to Laurus. Laurus is the Latin word for “success”, and we chose this name as we hope for our students’ success in the future. Since every Bilinga school has the same curriculum as Laurus, we have decided to unify them in order to prevent confusion.

Bilinga and Laurus have become one of the biggest international schools within the Kanto area. By unifying our names to Laurus, we aim to provide an even higher quality of education as the only science international school in Japan.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Laurus schools in the new academic year!


Yours faithfully,

Kiyomi Hioki






昨年の発表会などでお知らせしておりますが、4月1日からBilinga Science International School はLaurus International School of Science へと校名が変更になります。白金台に初等部を開校した際、校名をLaurusにしましたが、Laurus はラテン語で成功の意味です。今後の当校の生徒の将来の成功を祈願して命名いたしました。 バイリンガの各スクールは白金台校とカリキュラムも同じですので、混乱を避けるためローラスに統一します。




理事長 日置 清巳


Effective as of 1st April 2017  平成29年4月1日より校名変更

Bilinga Science International School Takanawa

Laurus International School of Science Takanawa 高輪校

Bilinga Science International School Aoyama

Laurus International School of Science Aoyama 青山校

Bilinga Science International School Denenchofu

Laurus International School of Science Denenchofu 田園調布校

Bilinga Science International School Musashikosugi

Laurus International School of Science Musashikosugi 武蔵小杉校

Bilinga Science International School Nishimagome

Laurus Language School Nishimagome 西馬込校

Bilinga Language School Kugahara

Laurus Language School Kugahara 久が原校

※There is no change with Laurus International School of Science in Shirokanedai




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