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Laurus Innovator’s Lab “The challenge of man-made shooting stars”


Laurus International School of Science hosts an irregularly scheduled Laurus Innovator’s Lab, a science café with an entrepreneurial education component.
In the second session, we invite Mrs. Lena Okajima, the founder of ALE and Doctor of Science (Astronomy), who is developing man-made shooting stars business “Sky Canvas”, aiming to innovate space technology by combining science and entertainment.

Have you ever heard of Science Café? It is an activity that started in Leeds, UK in 1998, where scientists, engineers and citizens discuss science and technology in cafes and bars. Unlike lectures and symposia held at museums and universities, the Science Café is characterized by its small-scale interactive meetings.


We have decided to start the Laurus Innovator’s Lab (abbreviated as LIL), which adds an element of entrepreneurship education to the Science Café and will also provide science workshops. The LIL will be open not only to current Laurus students but also to the general public. We hope this will be an opportunity for all parents and children with an inquisitive mind to experience science and innovation.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about enrollment, taking a school tour, or applying for a trial lesson.